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Quick Links: Three Kid Products with a Personality

lunch bags for kids by fluf

lunch bags for kids by fluf

+ Nathalie and Terra are two moms from Toronto have founded Fluf in 2005. Amongst their design products are these cute flat-pack lunch bags for kids. They hired illustrators to create drawings that kids and moms will love. $17.95 CAD. Via Babygadget

8 petal pinwheels by twirly whirlies

+ The refined 8 petal pinwheels designed by Twirly Whirlies could be the stars of your party. They cost between $2.70 to $3.50 each. Via Li’l Magoolie

french houses wallpaper by studio nommo

+ It might be because I am still on my French country tableware mood but I like the French Houses wallpaper designed by illustrator Verity Kizek for Studio nommo. I feel that it is girlie without being too pink. A blue version is also available. 65,00 € /m2.  Via Ohdeedoh

FAMILY KIDS products

Fun Backpacks and Lunch Boxes at Goop and Goob

goop and goob store

Goop and Goob is a new baby and kids store for the modern design-conscious parents that opened in Squamish, BC. For the rest of us, we can order online with free shipping on orders over $100 (see details on their site).

Before I talk about the backpacks and lunch boxes, let me introduce a cool stroller, the Bumbleride Indie. They say on their Web site that Indie combines the off-road ability of a multi-terrain stroller with the lean agility of an urban jogger. It has a multi-adjustable reclining backrest. For added comfort, Indie comes standard with rear suspension, a height-adjustable handle, large storage basket and removable cup holder.

Back-to-School Gears for Young Kids

insulated lunch boxes with adorable animals

Since we are at the start of the school year, I am showing you their adorable insulated lunch boxes by Dante Beatrix. She designed them in heavy-duty laminated canvas for super easy cleaning and kid-proof durability. A name tag and a zipped pocket are at the back. Juju the Bettle is too cute.

fun backpacks for young kids :: back to school

Goop and Goob also carries an interesting line of backpacks that will be perfect to carry books and other school essentials. The Little Kid backpacks by Dante Beatrix are from the same collection than the lunch boxes. The penguin is one of the lovable creatures of Maakun Forest.

+ Bumbleride Indie Seagrass $599 CAD
+ Dante Beatrix Lunch Box $34.99 CAD Juju (bettle), Esther (rabbit), Fei Fei (panda), Nigel (shark)
+ Dante Beatrix Little Kid Pack-Senior Gomez $42.99 CAD
+ Bus Backpack $47.50 CAD

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Back to School Supplies | Etsy Finds

back-to-school supplies for my etsy watch :: pen pouches :: snack bags and lunch totes

Your kids will be proud to show off those handmade creations at school. It is simpler to keep track of what belongs to you when you get small production products instead of buying from chain stores.

+ I Love Books Zipper Pouch is designed to carry typical school writing instruments. Kukubee created original drawings. $12 USD by kukubee

+ Be green and opt for reusable and washable snack bags instead of plastic bags. The Timeless Treasure Apple collection proposes apples, trees, owls and much more patterns. $5 USD by 2lilfrogs

+ Go for one of the cute machine washable fully insulated lunch totes designed by Naturally Felt. There are available in several fabrics. I like the Pears on Brown. $19.50 USD


Cheerful Kids Dining Matches their Regular Tableware at notNeutral

Those are sets that your kids will want to use from their first baby food up to their pre-school age. With their cool look, you will not mind using them even when you have guests over for a casual family diner.

notneutral cool solid colors dining sets

The notNeutral Solid Color sets are available in three color combinations: red/black, orange/yellow and green/blue. The BPA-free new six-piece sets come gift-boxed in eco-friendly packaging and include two trays/dishes, cup, bowl, and an easy-to-hold fork and spoon.

season tableware for kids and adults

The ultimate refinement in family tableware emerges from the Season collection, which includes a kids dining series and a regular tableware series for the rest of the family. Match the Season Ceramic Gift Set with the Seasons Duplex Placemats, which provide 2 design in 1. I introduced in the past the Transport Ceramic Gift Set.

+ notNeutral Solid Color sets $26 USD
+ Season Ceramic Gift Set and Transport Ceramic Gift Set $32 USD
+ Seasons Duplex Placemat $14 USD
+ Season Tableware $28-$72 USD – count $168 for 4 rimmed bowls, 4 salad plates and 4 dinner plates

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Adorable Cloth Bags and Maxi Bibs by Haciendo el indio

haciendo el indio

When your toddler or your preschooler kid is all dressed up, how do you protect them from getting dirty when they play with paint or do crafting projects? These cute maxi bibs are a simple option.

Having a toy bag always ready to go makes it easy to accept impromptu invitations. Haciendo el indio’s cloth bags are stylish and fun. You can use them to carry baby blankets, pajama or additional clothing. All their textile products are screenprinted with water inks.

Haciendo el indio is the brainchild of Portuguese illustrator and designer Cristina Serrano. Her online store delivers worldwide. I have to warn you that it will be difficult to select which illustration you want. They all look amazing.

My Childhood Memories

Il était un Petit Navire is a classic children song in France. I remembered singing it. Read the lyrics translated in English here.

Dolls and wall arts complete their kid collections. Oh Dee Doh showcased their favorites. These are mine. I imagine them to be the star of a party decor from a first birthday party.

doll and wall art by haciendo el indio

+ bolsa Petit navire- Petit navire cloth bag ?18
+ babilleta Pollito- maxi bib/napkin Pollito ?18 – available in small (1-2 yrs old) and large (3 yrs old and up)
+ Simberlina doll ?28
+ Cuadros DOT- DOT wallart collection ?25

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Etsy Finds | 2009.01.07

There is a huge snowfall today in Montreal. This means I am better staying in the comfort of my home. After two days at the office, it feels great to write with the company of the cats. It explains why my Etsy finds share a cuddly vibe.

etsy finds :: lemon tree studio :: one red robin

+ Romping Through the Forest is an adorable glass magnet gift set designed by Lemon Tree Studio. If you have a special request, she welcome custom orders. $4.95 USD

+ Behind One Red Robin is Jhoanna Monte Aranez, a mom with 2 little girls. She designs and hand makes adorable soft toys and dolls. The unique Winston the Koa-chi is made from faux fur, wool flannel, wool felt, and designer cotton prints. $58 USD from jmaranez’s etsy shop.

midcentury note cards by jim ward morris :: hot cocoa pots by keith phillips

+ I never watched Mad Men until yesterday. So far, I watched the first two episodes. Set in the 60s, it is interesting to see what the men and women relationships used to be. The second reason why I selected this note card is that it is hard to find great cards for men. Midcentury 15 drawn by Jim Ward Morris qualifies. $6 for 6 cards with envelops

+ If you crave for a hot brownies with a scoop of ice cream, get this set of Hot Cocoa Pots; they come with the recipe. The small ramekins by pottery artist Keith Phillips have beautiful lines. They satisfy my top priority for tableware: they are dishwasher safe. $39 USD for a set of 4

FAMILY KIDS products

Coco Bonbons Dresses Up Your Kids

robot shirt and pants :: pailsey coat, shirt and skirt by coco bonbons

When the Public Relations consultant of Coco Bonbons contacted me about sending me some samples of the baby and toddler clothes, I could not pass on this opportunity.

I usually do not talk about clothes and I do not have any children but I imagine that many parents with young children in my circle would be thrilled to test drive the clothes for me. And they did as you can see from these pictures. Everyone that saw the clothes were in awe.

Girls Collections

A colleague even commented that she would like to wear the pink Paisley Coat. There is a lot of detailed in their clothes. Girl accessories include coordinating tights, hats and muff.

The Partridge and the Owl are both cute except for their dress patterns. Go for the Paper Dolls Dress instead.

Boy Collections

For a baby boy, I wanted to see the Robot collection. The shirt boasts a robot appliqué while the wrench zipper pull on the chest pocket is adorable. The wrench zipper pull is duplicated on the pants.

From the Fall 2008 catalogue, I like the Boys blue and brown Bonbon collection plus the gray and orange Helicopter series, especially the Helicopter overall. The other boy patterns are too themed for my taste.

The Assessment

The parents who participated in the test drive only have good comments about the clothes. They fit well and they are well made.

The rest of the fall 2008 collection is as charming. If you are looking for a gift to parents with young children or if you are hosting a casual chic event, you can find suitable clothes at Coco Bonbons for babies, toddlers and kids wearing up to size 8.

+ Robot Collection Tee with Red Sleeves – price: $26.50 USD
+ Robot Collection Red Cargo Pant – price: $36 USD
+ Paisley Collection Fall Coat – price: $105 USD
+ Paisley Collection Knit Shirt with Ruffles – price: $26.50 USD
+ Paisley Collection Skirt by Coco Bonbons – price: $60 USD
+ Paisley Collection Tights – price: $22 USD
+ Photos taken by the participating parents – rights reserved

+ Give your thumb Up or Down to Coco Bonbons


New Kids Dinnerware by Bodum



Well-known for their tea and coffee pots, Bodum is entering the kid tableware market.

Kids Collection

Bodum’s first collection comprises 5 sets of kid drawing theme printed porcelain dinnerware. Each set contains a breakfast bowl, a side plate and a mug.

You can add matching cups, placemats and aprons. I would leave the ghost for Halloween season. Which motif do you prefer: the cat, the crocodile, the boy print or the girl print?

I like the packaging too. For a gift, I would try to wrap the square so I can still carry it by the handle. I guess a few trials and errors session may be necessary to achieve style and function. Your suggestions are welcome.

First introduced in UK (I think), the line is now available in the United States.

+ Bodum Kids Set – price: $19.95 USD
+ Bodum Kit Placemat – price: $3.95 USD

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Mommy and daddy calling cards make life easy for parents

Mommy and daddy calling cards

If there is one thing that can simplify the life of parents with young children is the advent of calling cards. This way, you always have on hand a little piece of paper with the important information and facts about your children.

With all the play dates, kid birthdays, baby sitters or new preschool teachers that your child attends to or sees on a monthly basis, it saves you times and money. Calling cards do not only help you. They help the other parents to stay up to date. When you arrive equipped, you increase the chances to be invited again.

What to write on a mommy / daddy calling card?

At the minimum, you need to print your names, address and phone numbers, the name of each child. Printing the birthday dates is appreciated by the other parents.

Put down important medical information and allergies. Include your cell phone as well as your home number. This is a lot of information to put on a 2 x 3.5 inches piece of paper, spread the info with a recto/verso design look a lot better.

That is exactly what you get at – see number 1 on my montage. I am showing you two of their models designed to serve kids with allergies and fears. Their Frog Family Card Design is fun. Having a different card than the crowd makes people remember you more. An advantage when you are dropping your kid for the first time at a play date.

Something interesting at Event Bliss is that you can coordinate the calling card design with matching 3 x 5 inches (or 4.25 x 5.5 inches) stationery notes. The notes come handy when you want to add instructions, say for a sleep over party. This way the host person identifies you right away. Models from Event Bliss are marked number 4.

Not just for moms, calling cards are for dads too

Fathers are more involved in the child life these days. You can see it by the new breeds of parenting site for dads. I know that my friends who are new father participate a lot in the day to day education of their child. And you have the case of split family. So fathers too need calling cards.

I spoke earlier to Lindsay Stephenson, the designer and owner of Penny People Designs about this. She told me that most of her clients are still mothers but that couples opt for a join calling card. Penny People Designs look more feminine. The So-chic Blue card is the most popular choice for couples – shown as number 3.

I think the stationery industry is missing out an opportunity by not offering manlier calling card designs. A Touch of Whimsy Designs has one of most stylish, personality themed selections. Information-wise is the strict minimum. Being hip and urban, I like their Little Bugaboo Mommy Card – shown as number 2.

An interesting gift for new parents

For a close friend, a sister or brother, getting them their own calling cards is an original gift idea. I suggest you give each parent their own set at the baby shower party or when the baby is born. Mom and Dad Calling Cards are not expensive.

At Penny People Designs, the minimum order is 100 cards but you can split it into two models. So for $65 CAD, you have something for each parent. If you ask them, they can work on a design with you. Lindsay and her team are nice people to work with.

You can get 30 cards for $12 USD at A Touch of Whimsy Designs. Event Bliss starts at $60 USD for 100 cards. sells 100 cards for $50 USD.

Buy online: Mommy Business Card Design Gallery at Cards for Mom
Buy online: Mommy Cards at A Touch of Whimsy Designs
Buy online: Mommy and Daddy Calling Cards at Penny People Designs
Buy online: Mama Calling Cards + Coordinating Stationery Gift Sets at Event Bliss

+ New parent calling cards