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Coco Bonbons Dresses Up Your Kids

robot shirt and pants :: pailsey coat, shirt and skirt by coco bonbons

When the Public Relations consultant of Coco Bonbons contacted me about sending me some samples of the baby and toddler clothes, I could not pass on this opportunity.

I usually do not talk about clothes and I do not have any children but I imagine that many parents with young children in my circle would be thrilled to test drive the clothes for me. And they did as you can see from these pictures. Everyone that saw the clothes were in awe.

Girls Collections

A colleague even commented that she would like to wear the pink Paisley Coat. There is a lot of detailed in their clothes. Girl accessories include coordinating tights, hats and muff.

The Partridge and the Owl are both cute except for their dress patterns. Go for the Paper Dolls Dress instead.

Boy Collections

For a baby boy, I wanted to see the Robot collection. The shirt boasts a robot appliqué while the wrench zipper pull on the chest pocket is adorable. The wrench zipper pull is duplicated on the pants.

From the Fall 2008 catalogue, I like the Boys blue and brown Bonbon collection plus the gray and orange Helicopter series, especially the Helicopter overall. The other boy patterns are too themed for my taste.

The Assessment

The parents who participated in the test drive only have good comments about the clothes. They fit well and they are well made.

The rest of the fall 2008 collection is as charming. If you are looking for a gift to parents with young children or if you are hosting a casual chic event, you can find suitable clothes at Coco Bonbons for babies, toddlers and kids wearing up to size 8.

+ Robot Collection Tee with Red Sleeves – price: $26.50 USD
+ Robot Collection Red Cargo Pant – price: $36 USD
+ Paisley Collection Fall Coat – price: $105 USD
+ Paisley Collection Knit Shirt with Ruffles – price: $26.50 USD
+ Paisley Collection Skirt by Coco Bonbons – price: $60 USD
+ Paisley Collection Tights – price: $22 USD
+ Photos taken by the participating parents – rights reserved

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