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Sea Sight Prefab House in Cedeira, Spain

forest wall of a modern prefab house in cedeira designed by mycc

forest wall of a modern prefab house in cedeira designed by mycc

I adore the forest wall of this modern prefabricated house located in Spain. Some portions of the wall are stutter doors.

prefab house in cedeira, spain designed by the architect studio mycc

Unfortunately, I do not have more details about this house designed the architect studio MYCC. But before you go, look at the breath-taking view of the Atlantic Ocean.

sea sight view of a prefab house designed by mycc

I discovered MYCC by looking at the beautiful pictures on Kateopolis. She showed another house designed by MYCC. That one has a lawn roof. I discovered Kateopolis on Twitter thanks to Lindsay of Ounodesign.

+ photos: MYCC

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Vertical Wooden Tennis Complex in Sweden

vertical tennis complex designed by David Tajchman

Wow! It is beautiful! This building was designed by the Paris-based architecture studio David Tajchman for a tennis complex in Vaxjo, Sweden. I wish our buildings were as impressive on this side of the ocean. We have a lot to learn in Canada and the United States from this project. Especially that they can not say that it is to cold to design something like that.

They opted for a vertical space, instead of the traditional horizontal deployment of the tennis complex, as an effort to preserve more of the natural landscape. The proposed locally sourced lumber structure would take up only 10% of the site. The wood would be responsibly harvested.

I went to see Avatar in 3D yesterday. Therefore, it is normal that I am more protective of nature this morning. Their magical forest on Avatar is a breathtaking view. Sadly, the trailer does not show the beautiful part of the film. I recommend that you go see the movie.

+ via Inhabitat

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The Tattoo House by Maynard Architects

tattoo house by maynard architects

This project illustrates the versatility of stickers. Out of necessity emerged an awesome way to add character to a two-story house extension. Rules regarding overlooking dictates a 75% opacity for second-story spaces. The gorgeous UV stable stickers simulate a grouping of mature trees. The stickers cost way less than any curtains or screens.

I love it when somebody find an artistic and efficient solution to an every day problem. I am not alone who appreciated their clever solution since they won the Master Builders national award 2008, the Master Builders Victorian award 2008, the best renovations of 2007 of The AGE and made Mocoloco’s top 5 for 2007.

+ photo by Peter Bennetts for Maynard Architects
+ via 2Modern Design Talk and  Acquitectura Arkinetia

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Curvy Modern House by Johnston Marklee

curvy concrete modern house by jonhston marklee

I like the curly lines of this modern architecture house designed by Johnston Marklee. I am not convinced about the practicality of a house that denies the traditional front, side, and rear yard designations but we have to admire the play on geometric forms. I wonder about the wisdom of needing instructions to find out on which door you need to knock when you come to visit. Many a proper landscaping could direct guests.

curvy concrete house by johnston marklee

A totally round house is impractical when it comes to furnishing. For this project, the architect has taken into account the need for square angles, a must for any kitchen. Have a look, the portfolio of Johnston Marlee is filled with innovative design.

+ via CoolBoom

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40 Fabulous Things in Canada seen in Wallpaper

wallpaper fab 40 canada in November 2009 issue

In case you missed it, the November 2009 issue of Wallpaper showcased forty of the best things from ten of their favorite global destinations. You will find the best from USA, Canada, UK, Scandinavia, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Brazil and Japan.

From Canada, I discover a few names that I did not know. On the architecture front, I love the work by Süperkul in Toronto. I am fond of the cottage they designed on an island in Georgian Bay. This is my type of cottage by the lake.

The best of the SHIFT cottage by Süperkul?

shift cottage exterior side view

The SHIFT cottage has a must have feature for a summer place. It is a bridge to link the private and public areas. One volume contains the living spaces while a second section is dedicated to sleeping and washing areas. This allows you to have friends over for the weekend but keep your privacy when you feel like it.

living room and library :: shift cottage interior views

Another good luxury is the wood deck terraces that fold into the island on three sides. Who would not want to read a book in this living room?

I am sure that I will present you more fabulous designers from their listing over the next few weeks.

+ SHIFT cottage by süperkul architect
+ Fab 40: Canada on Wallpaper

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Modern Living Spaces by Ong & Ong

ong and ong renovation of 32 blair road

I love the sight of no boundary between inside and outside. It makes sense in Singapore to build an awesome continuous terrace like this. I would gladly take my morning coffee sitting in the front bamboo garden. And have a look at their modern gallery kitchen. We would never guess that this is the interior of an Art deco terrace house.

The renovation of 31 Blair Road was completed in 2008 by Ong & Ong, a design studio specialized in architecture, interior design and landscape design.

+ Photos are by Tim Nolan for Ong & Ong
+ via Dezeen

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Universe Beach House by the Mexican Architect Tatiana Bilbao

universe beach house rooftoop swimming top designed by architect tatiana bilbao

I love this sight. I imagine hours of pleasures swimming on this rooftop pool in Mexico designed by Tatiano Bilbao. This beach house is unique. It is build to not disturb the coastal scenery. We can see that countries have different rules regarding safety since they are not railing.

universe beach house on a coast of Mexico :: design by tatiana bilbao

The floor plan is quite unique. This beach house designed for the artist Gabriel Orozco’s family is out of the ordinary. The house is organized around the concept of camping. Like a tent, you must exit each room to the exterior in order to get to another room, such as the toilet or kitchen.

Plus it is not the first time that Tatiano Bilbao plays with multilevel spaces and strategically block and uncover views along the way. We can see it in the exhibition pavilion for the 2006 Jinhua Architecture Park in China.

tatiana bilbao architecture work

Tatiano Bilbao has an impressive portfolio. Many of their buildings are innovative and very creative. They do residential, commercial and institutional buildings. Architecture Record did a nice interview with her.

+ Tatiano Bilbao
+ Via Top Design News
+ Thanks to my friend Gabrielle Chalifoux for tweeting me this fabulous summer home

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Skyline Series by Marmol Radziner is Fitted for Urban Dwellers

prefab modern dwell homes collection :: skyline series by marmol radziner

Now a part of Dwell Homes Collection, the Skyline Series designed by Marmol Radziner is a mix and match system of four floor plans. Overall, it creates six unique homes suitable for typical urban lots. You can choose one story home with two bedrooms up to a two story home with six bedrooms.

About the Plan

The floor plans are designed to fit the width of typical urban lots. The house runs to the back of your lot. The outdoor living spaces are located on the sides. Tree edges and fencing can preserve your privacy. The indoor/outdoor living experience is well thought. The great room next to the terrace calls for having guests over for a dinner party. It should be great to relax there.

I am telling you right away. This prefab modern houses with green elements are not cheap. It falls into the sustainable, good design, high end market. The smaller house is a 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom house that starts at $550,000 ($313 per square feet). The sustainable design elements include responsible woods, recycled materials, low VOC paint, insulated glass, optional grid-connected solar panels, and energy efficient appliances.

Will it sell?

Besides the typical advantages of prefab construction over on-site construction, modern prefab construction solve typical problems when it comes to modern architecture housing. In many cities, you will have a hard time finding many architects with a huge portfolio of modern architecture houses. Moreover, finding a construction crew with hand-on experience building modern architecture houses is probably harder. The craftsmanship on a modern architecture house is more demanding. It is about straight lines with no ornamentation to hide the imperfections. This is why I think it is easier to get the required level of precision on a manufacturing line.

But to succeed, the prefab movement will have to go over the stigma of low housing. These are high end prefab construction. I welcome them but I am not convinced that the market is ready for it. I hope the buyers will welcome them.

+ Skyline Series by Marmol Radziner

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Cory Buckner’s Triumph at Restoring Mid-20th American Architecture

life in suburbia LA

Since we are celebrating Canada Day and the Fourth of July this week, let’s talks about preserving our cultural heritage. Our history is also expressed through residential architecture. After all, how we imagined and designed our neighborhoods and the houses we are living in is linked to what is going in our society. They reflect our values.

The Story of Crestwood Hills in West LA.

historic cultural monuments LA

As you can see, those were affordable housing with a modern architecture. They were part of a community initiated by the Mutual Housing Association. The community is better known as Crestwood Hills in West LA. Out of the 150 houses that were built, a lit bit more than 30 houses still exist today.

There is hope to protect that era since so far 16 homes in Crestwood Hills are currently declared Historic-Cultural Monuments by the City of Los Angeles thanks to the initiative of architect and Crestwood Hills Association board member Cory Buckner. This post-war II modern housing community was designed by architect A. Quincy Jones and Whitney R. Smith.

revival movement of mid-century housing in Crestwood Hills, West LA

Cory Buckner worked as an architect of several restorations and alterations of these houses to bring them back to their original glory. She also published a book about the work of A. Quincy Jones. Buckner lives with her husband in one of the original houses. She worked hard since 1996 so that Los Angeles recognized the historical value of the mid-century houses in Crestwood Hills. I am glad that she succeed. I would love to live in one of these houses.

I invite you to read an old article on Dwell about the story of this community and the efforts of Cory Buckner. The photos by Darcy Hemley come from the article on Dwell.

+ Blog of Crestwood Hills
+ Cory Buckner
+ A. Quincy Jones by Cory Buckner $22.76 USD at