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Happy Father’s Day To All The Dads

father-daughter robot dance :: cave man father's day flipbook by lookability on etsy

Robin and Patches (the owner’s cat) of Lookability produced these cute flipbooks. When flipped properly, this book shows the joys of a primitive animation technique.

The Father-Daughter Robot Dance is so a propos with yesterday’s post. It also demonstrates that the robot theme applies as much to a girl than a boy. Remember it for a kid birthday.

You can read the story behind the making of these two flipbooks on Robin’s blog also called Lookability.

It is late to give that to your dad for Father’s Day but I think these flipbooks were cute gift ideas. I forgot to tell you that Sharman Yarnell interviewed me last week about Father’s Day gift ideas for her radio show Showtime on CJAD 800 AM in Montreal.

Want did you get you dad and what do you do for Happy Father’s Day?

>>> Sourcing:
Buy online: Father-Daughter Robot Dance Flipbook by Lookability on etsy – price: $9 USD
Buy online: Cave Man Father’s Day Flipbook by Lookability on etsy – price: $9 USD

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Father’s Day Baseball Game Party

Father' s day baseball game party

A fun party theme idea for this Father’s Day is to host a father and kids baseball game.

Why not make a communal Father’s Day party where brothers, friends, colleagues and neighbors reunite to celebrate together?It allows everyone to have a playful and active day outside.

Food and Drink

These adorable icing baseball cookies caught my eyes last week. They are the creations of a San Diego mom named Lori. She took occasional cooking classes. It shows that Lori worked in the catering business while in college. Her blog, The Recipe Girl is about her adventures in her kitchen and her passion for cooking.

Your guests will be impressed to each have their own cookies. You can also divide the batches of cookies by family name.

Refreshments are important when you play outside. Make sure you have plenty.

The Hokka-Ido stool by Koziol is a stool that becomes an ice bucket if you turn it over. You can buy a tray to convert it to a table. Therefore, the Hokka-Ido is an efficient portable solution for a picnic or a BBQ. You already know that I like the design of the Koziol products.

Planning the Games

Beside the big fathers and kids softball game, plan ahead other kid activities. Coordinate the activities by age group. Hire a babysitter to watch over the youngest kids.

The vintage Baseball pinball game is fun to play. After the party, use it to decorate the playroom. If you are lucky, you can find original in flea market. My friend own a similar game that belonged to his parents.

Organize a batting session during the game for the ones that are to young to play. Several toys companies make such devices. I am showing you the ESPN Jr. Better Batter Baseball trainer from Fisher-Price. That model automatically loads the ball. Make sure to get extra balls if you want the kids to play for a while.

Overall the ESPN Jr. Better Batter Baseball trainer has good reviews. Some parents complained having some issues with the Velcro but several parents find innovative solutions to solve the problems. So read the comments on Toys R Us before you make your purchase.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

A gadget that is totally adorable is the digital picture frame. They are widely available these days. Select a model that can play videos so you can upload memories from the game.

The kids can each write a sweet word to their father and have it embroidered on a CupKozy. This is a special CupKozy Father’s Day edition.

You can recycle these party ideas from the little league Baseball parties. If soccer or football is your father’s game, it is simple to adapt the concept.

How are you planning to celebrate Father’s Day this year?

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Recipe: Baseball Cookies [The Recipe Girl]
Buy online: ESPN Jr. Better Batter Baseball trainer [Toys R Us] – price: $42.99 USD
Buy online: Custom Embroidered Father’s Day CupKozy [cupkozy on etsy] – price: $8 USD
Buy online: Take Me Out to the Pinball Game [The Land of Nod] – price: $39 USD
Buy online: We Want a Pitcher, Not a Belly Itcher [The Land of Nod] – price: $24 unframed, $79 framed USD
Buy online: Digital Picture Frame 10 inch [Digital Framez] – price: $190.36 CAD
Shop: Koziol Hokka-Ido stool / bucket [Ma Zone Home Decor] – price: $95 CAD
Shop: Koziol Hokka-Ido table tray [Ma Zone Home Decor] – price: $30 CAD

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Pleasing the Grumpy Old Man at Father’s Day

This range with the humorous motto Grumpy Old Man features cool gifts for Father’s Day.

The Grumpy Old Man (GOM) line is available online at Bliss Home, based in UK. You may receive the package a few days after Father’s Day, but Bliss Home ships outside UK. They are the company behind the Living Kitchen collection of Nigella Lawson, the food writer and television cook.

I particularly recommend the GOM BBQ Tool Set or the GOM Picnic Set/Rucksack for your dad. If the man gets ill-tempered every time he catches a cold, get the GOM water bottle for daddy.

GOM BBQ Tool Set Grumpy Old Man Picnic Set/Rucksack

The Grumpy Old Man Collection has 13 products in total. The typical mug, t-shirt and golf cap are yours to grab.

Next Sunday, show your father you care by having a good laugh with your dad. Love and laughter are the more memorable gifts.

For the father who likes to barbecue: GOM BBQ Tool Set at UK-based Bliss Home
For the father who likes hiking and picnics: GOM Picnic Set/Rucksack at UK store Bliss Home
For the father who like a cold beer while watching the games: GOM Beer Can Holder at UK Bliss Home