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Happy Father’s Day To All The Dads

father-daughter robot dance :: cave man father's day flipbook by lookability on etsy

Robin and Patches (the owner’s cat) of Lookability produced these cute flipbooks. When flipped properly, this book shows the joys of a primitive animation technique.

The Father-Daughter Robot Dance is so a propos with yesterday’s post. It also demonstrates that the robot theme applies as much to a girl than a boy. Remember it for a kid birthday.

You can read the story behind the making of these two flipbooks on Robin’s blog also called Lookability.

It is late to give that to your dad for Father’s Day but I think these flipbooks were cute gift ideas. I forgot to tell you that Sharman Yarnell interviewed me last week about Father’s Day gift ideas for her radio show Showtime on CJAD 800 AM in Montreal.

Want did you get you dad and what do you do for Happy Father’s Day?

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Buy online: Father-Daughter Robot Dance Flipbook by Lookability on etsy – price: $9 USD
Buy online: Cave Man Father’s Day Flipbook by Lookability on etsy – price: $9 USD