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Paint Dipped DIY Round-Up

paint dip utensils kitchen diy

Paint-dipped furniture has been making the rounds as a subtle way to embrace the bold and bright color trend. But if you’re not willing to sacrifice a favourite wooden chair or stool for this trend, the technique can be adapted for inexpensive home accessories.

These DIYs prove how easy it is get a custom look with a designer vibe. If you have leftover cans of paint, these use-what-you-have projects are the perfect way to spend a weekend afternoon: transforming unwanted clutter into something beautiful.

paint dip utensils kitchen diy

In The Kitchen

Wooden utensils and mismatched silverware are prime candidates for this technique. If you don’t have any kicking around your kitchen, look for inexpensive options in dollar stores or secondhand shops.

Don’t worry too much about coordinating shades – remember, the goal is to use up your painting leftovers – but try to keep similar tones together, as Erin from House of Earnest did with her wooden utensils. Even neutral shades look cool in a group.

Want to keep all eyes on the table at dinner? Try dipping the handles of a set of silverware in a mega-watt color. Creatively Christy used multiple colors for a fun effect, which is also a clever way to disguise a mismatched set. Planning your next dinner party? Stick with neutral linens and dishes, and use dip-dyed cutlery to dress things up, or coordinate them with your party palette.

paint dip bowl glasses diy

In The Dining Room

Speaking of dinner parties, if gold-rimmed china isn’t in your budget, this cool alternative adds a bit of gilded glam to your table. If you’re feeling super creative, you can make your own porcelain bowl before dipping it with this tutorial on Curbly, though these dishes are better suited for table styling than eating off of.

No one will care that your goblets aren’t crystal thanks to Liz from Say Yes to Hoboken’s creativity. She created this gold version for holiday dinner, but we’re imagining them in the metallic-of-the-moment, copper, or in a summery hue for outdoor entertaining.

paint dip diy flower vase candle holder

Around the House

It’s the little things that make a house a home, and it’s the trendy little accessories that keep your home out of a décor rut. We love these baby food jars-turned-mini vases from Oh Happy Day for a spring shower or birthday, and the way Design Love Fest gave these basic and boring vases an instant upgrade with a dip – make that a spray! – of colour.

wicker basket paint dip martha stewart

We all have more wicker baskets than we’d like to admit. Give these open storage essentials an update with a dip of colour, as shown on White paint freshens their look for a laundry room or bathroom, but they’re easy to imagine on a patio in a sunny yellow, or as toy storage in your child’s favourite colour.

Do you have paint just waiting to be put to use? Will you try this trend?

+ Paint Dipped Wooden Utensils from House of Earnest
+ Colorful Silverware DIY from Creatively Christy
+ Gold-Dipped Bowl DIY from Curbly
+ Gold-Dipped Wine Glass DIY from Say Yes to Hoboken
+ Paint Dipped Mini Vases from Oh Happy Day
+ Color-Dipped Vase DIY from Design Love Fest
+ Dip-Dyed Baskets from Martha Stewart


Set the Table with Inspiration from Ikea

ikea kitchenware dining table carl kleiner

ikea kitchenware dining table carl kleiner

Who says the everyday can’t be artful? These images by Swedish still-life photographer Carl Kleiner caught our eye when we recognized a few iconic Ikea kitchen pieces in the compositions.

ikea dining table yellow carl kleiner

ikea kitchenware dining table white carl kleiner

The photographer behind Ikea’s Homebaked is Best recipe book , Carl Kleiner is known for his minimialist, graphic approach, yet these photos have their share of charm too thanks to a few hidden faces in the table settings.

ikea kitchenware table setting carl kleiner

Not only will we be taking inspiration from these when its time to set the table for our next dinner party – at least when it comes to colour and pattern –, we’d also love to see the photos available as prints. They’d make a great option for colourful artwork in the kitchen.

+ All photos by Carl Kleiner
+ Via Creative Review


A Table Design Idea for an Art or Calligraphy Party

art theme table details

art theme table details

Look closely at this table and you should find a few ideas to steal if you are hosting an adult or kids party around an art theme. For instance, use the art materials as your props to design your dinner place settings. They used Chinese calligraphy brushes.

Mixing the art supplies with your table design enables you to jump right away into the party theme. It is an important point if you wish to have enough time to do the activities and serve dinner.

+ Delicious Table details from H.D. Buttercup’s blog


Spring Garden Sweet and Savory Table

Garden table flowers

Garden table flowers

This wonderful garden themed table was designed by Kreavie for a Sweet 16 birthday party. You could recycle the concept for a baby shower or a toddler birthday. The mix of sweet and savory food provides an occasion to be more creative with the food presentation.

spring garden buffet table food

Details that are worth stealing are the chocolate cupcake in a terra-cotta flower pot, the vegetable chips (turnips, carrots, green beans) and a roll of kraft paper became a tablecloth. O.xide Design used seasonal flowers in garden containers to set the mood. The cones are made of bamboo.

+ Sweet 16 Sweet and Savory Table from Kreavie
+ Floral Design: O.xide Design
+ Photos: Julia C.Vona


Creatively Unique Placemats

Bella Maniera placemats

Bella Maniera placemats

If you are looking for new ways to infuse a sense of unexpected to your tabletop, let me suggest that you use placemats with artistic patterns that slightly vary from one placemat to the next. You can draw the patterns or look for the French design placemats.

48 heures trompe l'oeil placemats

48 heures is a collection of trompe-l’oeil illustrations that suggest a finished meal where they was good food and lots of wine. These will certainly grab the attention of your guests. I suspect that it will probably be a conversation starter.

48 heures placemats

Tailored to Each Guest

Another example is the Bella Maniera series. The idea to steal here is to design a placemat that fits the personality of each guest. Mr. & Mr played with the theme of Leonardo da Vinci’s The last Supper for their Bella Maniera collection. They design 13 placemats; each one corresponds to Jesus Christ and his apostles.

Bella Maniera

48 heures placemats 16 €
Bella Maniera series 16.50 € each at Grain de couleur
+ via Moco Loco


Cool Tools: Anthropologie’s Tabletop Design Tool

anthropologie tabletop design tool

anthropologie tabletop design tool

If you’ve ever struggled to pull together a colourful and cohesive tabletop, there’s a new online tool that can help you think beyond basic bowls and chargers to create a layered look with texture and pattern.

You likely already know Anthropologie for their amazing store displays (truly, no two stores are alike) and ever-changing collection of clothing and accessories. This charm extends to a unique collection of hand-crafted housewares.

anthropologie tabletop design app

Their online tabletop design tool showcases the colourful glassware and dishes the store is known for, and encourages creativity when it comes to designing table settings – whether for everyday use or pretty parties. It’s a great way to experiment with colour and texture to find your unique style. You can choose from a variety of “backgrounds” in neutral linen shades, then layer on the pieces that catch your eye. You can also save your designs for future reference or share them via social networking sites.

anthropologie tabletop design app tool

While every one needs a good set of basic white dishes to serve as a blank canvas, this app will have you clamouring for a few colourful pieces to add to your collection.

+ Tabletop Design Tool on Anthropolgie


French-Inspired Breakfast Table

french-inspired buffet table

I am craving for some viennoiseries looking at this sight. After the sweet tables and the s’mores stations, I presented you a delightful French-inspired breakfast table. It has a rustic flair and everything looks so delicious.

jars of jam :: french-inspired buffet table

See how you can elevate the look of a jar of jam with a black satin ribbon and a spoon tied to the jar. For the finishing touch, they insert each jar inside a ramekin. Your guests can bring the whole thing to their table and use the ramekin to serve the jam.

The soothing color palette and the materials of the tableware play a major role in making this table feels out of the ordinary. Remarkable wood trays mix with Emily Henry’s Urban Colors Ovenware and Tableware in sand and slate.  Les Touilleurs supplied the trays and the Emily Henry ceramic dishes and bowls. This beautiful breakfast table was styled by the Kreavie team with the collaboration of Vanessa of Damask & Dentelle.

They inspired me. I can’t wait to make my own version. It might be a good idea for the Easter brunch.

+ Sweet table : Petit déjeuner à la française from Kreavie
+ photography by Julia C. Vona


Join Plastic Cutlery

join plastic cutlery ding 3000 colours

join plastic cutlery ding 3000 colours

No time to create an over-the-top tablescape for your next dinner party? Distract (and entertain) hungry guests with colorful, architectural flatware that’s anything but flat.

join plastic cutlery ding 3000 center

Based on a classic Japanese puzzle, the JOIN cutlery set was developed by German product design studio DING3000, which has earned countless design awards for their innovative approach to multi-functional household objects. You may have already spotted their clever S-XL CAKE silicone baking dish or eco-savvy BASKETBIN wastebasket.

join plastic cutlery ding 3000

Check out this video to learn more about DING3000’s design approach.

Kim introduced when it was launched the S-XL Cake which was designed by DING3000 for Konstantin Slawinski.

+ JOIN Plastic Cutlery via Yanko Design
+ Photos: DING3000 Product Design Studio


Inspirations to Make Your Own S’mores Station

s'mores bar styled by amy atlas

s'mores bar styled by amy atlas

An alternative to a sweet table is a s’mores buffet table. There is no need to do a camping trip to enjoy them. You can do it for an indoor event as well as an outdoor event. It’s a theme that will please kids and adults. I gathered great executions that could inspire you for a future party.

From the ultimate reference in sweet tables, I introduced first the s’mores bar realized by Amy Atlas for a magazine photo shoot. She did more than served the traditional s’mores. Her table includes s’mores cupcakes, s’mores mousse shots, homemade mallomars, and fluffernut chocolate chip sandwiches, mushroom chocolate truffles, and chocolate bark.

campout party s'mores buffet table

Then, there is the s’more dessert buffet that Lisa of Moore Minutes designed for her son campout birthday party. Her boys and a friend received a treat. I love all the details. Go see more photos of her s’more buffet table and the details of this amazing campout birthday party.

For Weddings

s'mores station at a wedding reception

Brides and grooms also opted to cater a s’mores station. You can set up everything in trays like you see here. I would recommend a tray per one or two couples.

indoor s'mores station

Or you can create a true station by hiding cans of Sterno cooking fuel in fire resistant boxes.

+ S’mores Bar by Amy Atlas – photo by Antonis Achilleos.
+ S’More Dessert Buffet for a campout party at Moore Minute
+ S’mores station served in trays – photo by Assaf Friedman Photography
+ S’mores station at a wedding – photos by Jolynne Photography


Ready-to-fill Tartlet Shells, Cones, and Cone Stands

ready-to-fill tartlet shells and cones :: la roise noire collection

ready-to-fill tartlet shells and cones :: la roise noire collection

Cool & Simple is a fabulous boutique in Montreal that will answer many of your entertaining dreams. They sell upscale frozen food that are perfect for entertaining at home. I served several times their products at my parties. I like the fact that you can buy it in advance.

Ready-to-fill Cones and Tartlet Shells

I am sure that many of you will welcome a little help with the basics. Take for instance, these ready-to-fill tartlet shells and cones. You simply reheat the shells, if necessary, and prepare your own fillings to create awesome canapes.

Introduced in Hong Kong by avant-garde pastry chef Gérard Dubois, the cones from La Rose Noire collection come in 7 flavors: black sesame, spinach black sesame, green tea, tomato, curry, chocolate, and plain white. You can fill them with hot, cold, salty or sweet fillings.

cone stands for entertaining

You are probably wondering how you will serve the cones at your buffet table. Do not worry since Cool & Simple carries several cone stands. You will find one that fits your party size.

The tartlet shells are shaped as a square, a circle, a triangle and a rectangle. The tartlet shells are available in several dimensions. Some are savory while the sweet shells are made with a vanilla or a chocolate shell.

With those, you do not need to hire a caterer to get a professional look that your guests will remember. Beware that these more fancy products are not available online. In that case, you must shop at the Cool & Simple boutique or get it through one of Gastronomia’s distributors.

+ La Rose Noire Collection at Gastronomia
+ Black sesame cones $42.95 CAD for 83 cones at Cool & Simple
+ Mini-triangle savory tartlet shells $13.95 CAD for 35 shells


Tabletop Ideas for a Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

tabletop and food presentation for thanksgiving

eddie ross thanksgiving table for lonny magazine

Like Eddie Ross said for his article on Lonny magazine, the key to a stunning tabletop is to edit it. You need to put just enough elements to create drama and interest. One way to achieve the look is to mix vintage and modern.

This is a fall tabletop that Eddie created with Jaithan Kochar for the October/November 2010 issue of Lonny magazine. Do not worry if you do not find the right color of napkins. Use an old trick, Tintex fabric dye to transform plain white napkins. It works very well. I did it many years ago with a pair of jeans that I wanted to be reddish pink. I am glad that Eddie reminded me of this easy DIY project. You can buy Tintex at some drug stores and at fabric stores.

Easy Food Presentations

tabletop and food presentation for thanksgiving

On the same issue, I spotted two modern rustic ways to serve simple food to your guests this Thanksgiving. The glassware is from Steuben.

To my Canadian readers, I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving while our American friends enjoy Columbus Day. I can inspire you if you need last minute menu ideas for your Thanksgiving dinner.

+ Recipe for a Stunning Thanksgiving Table on Lonny Magazine Oct/Nov 2010 issue