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ENTERTAINING, TABLETOP | March 5, 2012 | by Heather Watterworth

Paint Dipped DIY Round-Up

paint dip utensils kitchen diy

Paint-dipped furniture has been making the rounds as a subtle way to embrace the bold and bright color trend. But if you’re not willing to sacrifice a favourite wooden chair or stool for this trend, the technique can be adapted for inexpensive home accessories. These DIYs prove how easy it is get a custom look [...]

ENTERTAINING, TABLETOP | January 18, 2012 | by Heather Watterworth

Set the Table with Inspiration from Ikea

ikea kitchenware dining table carl kleiner

Who says the everyday can’t be artful? These images by Swedish still-life photographer Carl Kleiner caught our eye when we recognized a few iconic Ikea kitchen pieces in the compositions. The photographer behind Ikea’s Homebaked is Best recipe book , Carl Kleiner is known for his minimialist, graphic approach, yet these photos have their share [...]

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ENTERTAINING, TABLETOP | July 17, 2011 | by Kim Vallee

A Table Design Idea for an Art or Calligraphy Party

art theme table details

Look closely at this table and you should find a few ideas to steal if you are hosting an adult or kids party around an art theme. For instance, use the art materials as your props to design your dinner place settings. They used Chinese calligraphy brushes. Mixing the art supplies with your table design [...]

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ENTERTAINING, TABLETOP | June 30, 2011 | by Kim Vallee

Spring Garden Sweet and Savory Table

Garden table flowers

This wonderful garden themed table was designed by Kreavie for a Sweet 16 birthday party. You could recycle the concept for a baby shower or a toddler birthday. The mix of sweet and savory food provides an occasion to be more creative with the food presentation. Details that are worth stealing are the chocolate cupcake in [...]


June 29, 2011 | by Kim

Creatively Unique Placemats

Bella Maniera placemats

If you are looking for new ways to infuse a sense of unexpected to your tabletop, let me suggest that you use [...]


March 28, 2011 | by Heather

Cool Tools: Anthropologie’s Tabletop...

anthropologie tabletop design tool

If you’ve ever struggled to pull together a colourful and cohesive tabletop, there’s a new online tool that can help you think [...]


March 2, 2011 | by Kim

French-Inspired Breakfast Table


I am craving for some viennoiseries looking at this sight. After the sweet tables and the s’mores stations, I presented you a [...]


February 24, 2011 | by Heather

Join Plastic Cutlery

join plastic cutlery ding 3000 colours

No time to create an over-the-top tablescape for your next dinner party? Distract (and entertain) hungry guests with colorful, architectural flatware that’s [...]


February 23, 2011 | by Kim

Inspirations to Make Your Own S’mores...

s'mores bar styled by amy atlas

An alternative to a sweet table is a s’mores buffet table. There is no need to do a camping trip to enjoy [...]


February 21, 2011 | by Kim

Ready-to-fill Tartlet Shells, Cones, and Cone...

ready-to-fill tartlet shells and cones :: la roise noire collection

Cool & Simple is a fabulous boutique in Montreal that will answer many of your entertaining dreams. They sell upscale frozen food [...]


October 11, 2010 | by Kim

Tabletop Ideas for a Happy Canadian...

tabletop and food presentation for thanksgiving

Like Eddie Ross said for his article on Lonny magazine, the key to a stunning tabletop is to edit it. You need [...]


April 9, 2010 | by Kim

What Can you Bring Home from DIFFA’s...

mmpi tabletop at diffa's dining by design 2010

I did not cover earlier the DIFFA’s event of the year, which is the Dining by Design 2010, because, frankly, I was [...]

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