Ready-to-fill Tartlet Shells, Cones, and Cone Stands

ready-to-fill tartlet shells and cones :: la roise noire collection

ready-to-fill tartlet shells and cones :: la roise noire collection

Cool & Simple is a fabulous boutique in Montreal that will answer many of your entertaining dreams. They sell upscale frozen food that are perfect for entertaining at home. I served several times their products at my parties. I like the fact that you can buy it in advance.

Ready-to-fill Cones and Tartlet Shells

I am sure that many of you will welcome a little help with the basics. Take for instance, these ready-to-fill tartlet shells and cones. You simply reheat the shells, if necessary, and prepare your own fillings to create awesome canapes.

Introduced in Hong Kong by avant-garde pastry chef Gérard Dubois, the cones from La Rose Noire collection come in 7 flavors: black sesame, spinach black sesame, green tea, tomato, curry, chocolate, and plain white. You can fill them with hot, cold, salty or sweet fillings.

cone stands for entertaining

You are probably wondering how you will serve the cones at your buffet table. Do not worry since Cool & Simple carries several cone stands. You will find one that fits your party size.

The tartlet shells are shaped as a square, a circle, a triangle and a rectangle. The tartlet shells are available in several dimensions. Some are savory while the sweet shells are made with a vanilla or a chocolate shell.

With those, you do not need to hire a caterer to get a professional look that your guests will remember. Beware that these more fancy products are not available online. In that case, you must shop at the Cool & Simple boutique or get it through one of Gastronomia’s distributors.

+ La Rose Noire Collection at Gastronomia
+ Black sesame cones $42.95 CAD for 83 cones at Cool & Simple
+ Mini-triangle savory tartlet shells $13.95 CAD for 35 shells

  • Ruby
    January 14, 2012 at 18:52

    Hi, I live in Novi, Michigan and I’ve been looking all over for a cone stand. The black ones you have are perfect and I would like to know how I can order one that holds at least 24 cones??? Please help

    • Kim
      January 14, 2012 at 20:14

      Ruby: As far as I know, they only ship to Canada.