ENTERTAINING, PAPER goods | May 12, 2008

PosePrints Introduces Silhouettes

pose prints silhouettes invitations, note cards

There is a new way to personalize your invitations with the launch of silhouettes by PosePrints.

You can add a couple, a bride or a pregnant mother. Same sex couples are represented by two male silhouettes. Strangely, lesbian couples are not represented.

The different between the female models are three hair styles. The silhouettes are also available in several colors.

There are less customization options than with the personalized avatars. Still you can find a suitable fit. The pricing is the same for all poses.

>>> Sourcing:
Buy online: silhouette models with navy spots [poseprints.com] – price: $50.00 for 25 cards

+ Personalized avatar on social stationery

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One Response to “PosePrints Introduces Silhouettes”

  1. 1 Jen from PosePrints said:

    We are adding the two-girl silhouettes shortly! Thank you, Kim! We love your blog. :)