Yuri Gagarin’s Night Party 2008 in Montreal | Real-Life Party

Yuri Gagarin\'s Night Party 2008 in Montreal

My friend and painter Bettina Forget hosted a great party last Saturday (April 12th, 2008) to commemorate the anniversary of First Man in Space. Yuri Gagarin became the first human to reach space on April 12th, 1961. Yuri orbited the Earth.

The Decor

The loft apartment was nicely decorated for the event. Several guests rented or made cool science-fiction costumes.

Astronomical art exhibit of paintings done by Bettina coupled with the projection of space images and astro-art iMovies created a wonderful atmosphere.

The Space Agency gave us posters, pins, stickers, tattoos so people without costumes looked more festive. Individual gift bags greeted us at the door.

The Drink Menu

Russian vodka was on top of the alcohol chain. The signature drink was Cosmonaut, a drink made of vodka and Tang. At the bar station, the Space-Themes Drink menu was filled with Apollo ‘n Lemon, Sputnik, Saturn V, Soyuz Capsule, Voyager, Mir, Rasputin and Sea of Tranquility.

Costume Contest

Next year, Jerome and I will get some costumes. In fact, Jerome was sad that he did not purchase a Star Trek uniform when we visited the Star Trek The Experience in Las Vegas last January. Two prizes were awarded for the best space-inspired costume.

Grand-prize winner for his outstanding helmet design: Olivier Hanigan – check it on Bettina’s blog
Runner-up winner for her sublime hoola-hoop performance: Kelli Hanrahan

Bettina wrote a nice recollection of Yuri Night 08 on her Inside the Artist’s Studio blog. Like Bettina said: Montrealers know how to party! We went to bed pretty late. On our way home, we stopped by at Fairmont Bagels to buy more freshly out of the oven bagels. We ate a final one before going to bed and kept the rest for Sunday breakfast. Jerome and I cannot wait for the 2009 edition.

Learn more: Yuri loves Montreal! On Inside the Artist’s Studio
Photo credits: Jerome Paradis