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yumi dresses

yumi dresses

I am starting a new series called “Getting ready for the Baby” where I will share how you, your life and your home can stay stylish during a pregnancy. The topics will be inspired by my experiences as a first-time pregnant woman.

Wearing What You Like During Pregnancy

I told you Monday about how maternity clothes lack style and even look depressing. Many of you gave me wonderful advices in your comments. My most important conclusion was to try to find clothes from regular collections. After all, there are several styles that would allow for an increasing belly.

Let’s face it, leggings are way more comfortable than maternity jeans. And unless you are willing to spend top dollars, maternity pants look cheap. One practical solution is to find long tops and dresses to create nice outfits. And we are lucky because they are plenty of those in vogue this year.

That was my plan as I stopped by my favorite local boutique, Boutique EXTC at 19 Prince-Arthur Street, earlier today. Boutique EXTC sells trendy clothes at a reasonable price. I have a been a loyal customer since a decade or so. I often find cute dresses and tops there.

And they continue to serve me well. I left the store with two cute dresses by Yumi and a pair of dark grey knitted leggings by C’est Moi. If I can find a fall coat and a few tops in New York this weekend, I will be happy.

The top picture showed two dresses from Yumi’s Intarsia collection. I like the small details. Sadly, the other dress that I bought is not yet online. They describe the Intarsia collection in those terms:

With Nordic and North American roots, intarsia knits combine colourful yarns to create kitsch and cosy outfit options for the cold months in 2010 and 11. Think Alpine chic, warming by the fire and ski lodges!

It suits me. Yumi is a London based clothing company. Yumi draws inspiration from London street style, combined with emerging trends and offers a liberated collection that appeals to the style conscious consumer with an eye for intricacy, creativity and quality.

+ Yumi Lucy Wave Lace Dress in Pink €84.99 – $155 CAD at Boutique EXTC
+ Yumi Amera Pom Pom Dress €75.99

  • Jen Crowley
    October 7, 2010 at 12:25

    Cute! I sent this post to my pregnant friend who’s expecting her first. 🙂