Wrapping Ideas for Your Holiday Baked Goods

peacan bourbon cookies in white and blue chinatown bowls

Every year, my husband and I baked our batches of holiday cookies. They become our signature hostess gifts during the Holidays. I make sure to select a beautiful reusable container. It is part of the gift. Naturally, I am always on the lookout for new ways to wrap my baked goods.

It became a tradition. I look forward for the inspiring cookies recipes presented in cute containers every November on Canadian House and Home. This year, three ideas stand above the rest. First, the white and blue Asian bowls. Similar bowls are easy to find at your local Chinatown.

white chocolate macadamia bark in wooden wine bottle box

Another practical idea is the wooden wine bottle box. I have a head start since I collected these boxes. You simply flip the lid over to hide the wine label.

earl grey marshmallows in a glass jar

What is noteworthy about the third idea is the recipe. Earl Grey marshmallows sound divine. I never make marshmallows but this recipe is a good reason to start. Apparently, the gentle Earl Grey tea pairs well with hot chocolate. I know that I want to try those.

If you are looking for cookie recipes, they are plenty of choices in their best cookies recipes. If you are looking for more ideas, check out what were the best cookie wrapping ideas in 2007.

+ Canadian House and Home, November 2009: photography by Angus Fergusson, food stylish by Eshun Mott

  • Jenn Lee
    November 5, 2009 at 14:47

    We always do a cookie exchange over the holidays and these are fantastic ideas on how to present the cookies 🙂 I really like the bowl idea.

  • Karen
    November 5, 2009 at 17:13

    Find lots of awesome holiday cookie recipes to fill the beautiful containers at There are also over 50 cookie decorating videos.

  • Jess @ The Finer Things
    November 6, 2009 at 16:41

    Oh I love that glass container– what a great idea– I hadn’t thought of making the reusable container the real gift with cookie exchanges…

  • judy Bodnar
    November 7, 2009 at 04:59

    I have held a cookie exchange for 26 years. I always give a prize for the guest with the best presentation of her cookies. I have seen everything from holiday cookie jars filled with cookies to a stainless steel dish drainer filled with cookies. I hold it each year exactly 2 weeks before Thanksgiving, and invite no more than 15 participants. Each guest brings 4 dz. cookies, 12 copies of their recipe, and a nice container for an exchange (ie: cookie jar, platter, basket, tray, bowls ect) I ask each guest to wrap her cookies in 3’s in either a celophane bag, saran wrap or zip lock. This makes it easy when the guests go around the table an pick out their 15 different types of cookies and causes less crumbling of the cookies. I also go to the dollar store and buy 15 meduim size gift bags fot them to go around the table and plaace their cookies in. Since each of the 15 guest’s bring 16 bundles of 3 cookies each,(16 x 3 = 4 dozen cookies) I cut each of the guests cookies that are in the extra bundle and have a blind tasting contest (no name on them, I tape a number on them and have guests vote for their favorite). I do the same with the container they bring for the exchange, simply tape a number to the bottom, and the guests pick a number from 1 to 15 when they come through the door. I always give a favor to everyone attending and 3 best cookie prizes. Each year for the past 10 years, I have put together a small recipe book of favorite recipes….this is a lot of time and work, but my guests always look forward to getting their cute recipe book from me. This year, they will receive a wire wisk and one of my recipe books. In case you are interested, I will be wrapping my 16 bundles of 3 cookies each, in a clear celophane corsage bag, tied with rust gosgrain ribbon with small silk fall leaves on each one…These will be placed in a beautiful walnut wood bread basket that I will line with a dish towel that is made of a fall colored plaid. (it screams Fall & Thanksgiving)
    I have learned over the years… that women are eager to participate if they don’t have to make too many cookies, and they seem to really enjoy the creative part of the presentation, and the tasting contest..oh yes..they love taking home the gifts & prizes I give also. I serve hot spiced apple cider, decaf coffee, peach iced tea and have a large vegie platter with dip for them to nibble on.. I used to make desserts, but after tasting so many cookies,the desserts were uneaten, so now I just stick to the vegies. We play a simple game of some kind (this year I will be asking them which cookies are the most popular 3 cookies in the USA) Surpisingly the answers are…Oreo…Vanilla Wafers, and Chips Ahoy! ( I doubt if anyone gets it right, so we will have a run-0f of some sort. I suggest that you hold a cookie exchange, start a tradition, and you will be surprised how many of all ages will look forward to attending. As I said, I hold mine exactly 2 weeks before Thanksgiving and find its a good way to start the holiday season…many of my guests freeze their cookies for use on Thanksgiving or Christmas. Do it your way, but do it!

  • tyna
    November 7, 2009 at 20:59

    Wow Judy! That sounds like such a fun evening! I may have to borrow a few of your ideas for a smaller scale cookie exchange.

    Love these ideas for presenting your Christmas cookies – especially the bowl idea! I am obsessed with bowls and they make such a great, no wrapping required presentation. Thanks.

  • Marcy
    December 20, 2011 at 20:13

    I love the glass jar idea! It looks like it would really work well with squares… awesome ideas!