Wonderful party supplies at Cox and Cox

Wonderful party supplies at Cox and Cox

I am a North American girl who dreams of living her old days in a small and charming European village. I am often scouring the Web for great European stockists.

This morning, I came across the wonderful party collection at Cox and Cox Mail-order Company. I discovered at Cox and Cox an impressive source of products for entertaining in style.

Celebrating a wedding, a birthday or an anniversary

What is great is that if you are crafty and have the time and energy, you can make your own confetti cones in a box. You can shop around for a charming wooden box or go to a stationery store to decide on a fine paper box. Insert a simple top tray on which you drilled some holes. Make the cones by rolling square pieces of fine heavy weighted paper like for Belgian French fries.

Forget about the paper confetti. Simply fill the cones with the delightful mixture of delicate lilac, ivory blue and pink delphinium petals. That is what you get in the Confetti Box kit at Cox and Cox for £45. In fact, you can visit the garden market or a florist to grab small flower petals. Think about using lavender or other garden herb flowers.

Having fun with an Origami game

The Love Origami pack is a sweet little game to do at a wedding and a wedding anniversary party. When you sit at the table for dinner, have fun with the other guests. Choose a colored heart and lift the flap to discover a romantic love phrase underneath.

If you are crafting your own Origami fortune cootie catcher pack, you can do it for any occasion. For a baby shower, read out baby facts or fortunes for the parents to be. At a sport team party, you can write predictions for the new seasons or anecdotes about the last season.

The idea here is to write about something that people will have fun reading and discussing. Think about it as an ice breaker or a party starter.

Adding flavors to the grill

The Fragrant Outdoor Firelighters are great for BBQ grilling. Each pot is filled with bay leaves, thyme, rosemary and chili so they smell delicious. Their aromatic smoke gives food fabulous flavor to whatever you will be cook on the barbecue. At £10 for a pack of 12, bring these Fragrant Outdoor Firelighters over to the hostess the next time you got invited to an outdoor party.

Creating ambiance with lights and fire

I talked often about the importance of a magical entrance to your party. These wood flares certainly add drama. There wooden logs are impregnated with flammable liquid. I simply adore this look for a party at the cottage.

These fire-retardant paper bag candle lanterns are adorable. Sold in pack of 10 for £10, they are a cheap way to create a magical entrance.

Outdoor Table Clips are a must for windy days to hold in place your tablecloth. Opt for simple designs because they will not interfere with your tabletop decor. Glass droplets look more stylish so I prefer them. These grape table clips can be dressed up or down to make it works for all occasions.

There are many more interesting products at Cox and Cox Mail-order so I invite you to have a look. I am pretty sure you find some inspirations for your next party. I shown you stuff from two categories: the Garden section and the Gorgeous Weddings & Parties.

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Buy online: Web site of UK stockist Cox and Cox

  • studio wellspring
    July 27, 2007 at 15:25

    this is just the thing i needed for a big 1st birthday party i’m planning next month. thank you!