Winter Fish Soups

Hearty Halibut and Scallops Soup recipe by QlinArt

I like soups so much that my husband makes jokes about the fact that I might not eat lunch if soups did not exist. It does not only taste good, a hearty soup is a time saver. You can make a batch in advance. Then, you freeze  it in ready to use individual portions. But there is another reason why the hearty Halibut and Scallops Soup recipe of QlinArt caught my eye.

I wish to eat more fish. Eating fish two to three times a week is my goal. Healthier diets across the world often include a good fish content. It is a fact that the North American diet contains too much meat. I already cut my consumption of red meat many years ago. I selected this winter soup for integrating more fish into my diet.

+ photo: QlinArt