The Winner of the Philips Wake-up Light Contest is…

We proceeded to the random draw between the 133 entries submitted to this contest. The happy winner is Stacy Long who prefers to wake up with a song from the FM radio.

About the Prize

The Philips Wake-up Light (HF3470) wakes you up in a natural way with light that increases gradually, simulating the sunrise. Starting half an hour before your set wake-up time, the Wake-up Light gradually fills your room with bright light like a rising sun. This light increases the level of energy hormones in your body, preparing it to wake-up.

If you are interested to buy your own, know that the series has two models: the Wake-up Light and the Wake-up Light Plus. The Wake-up Light Plus model adds 2 natural sounds, a USB playback and Dusk simulation to the Wake-up Light.

Congratulations to Stacy Long! We wish to thank all the contestants for your participation. And Stacy, make sure to check your email, we will contact you shortly.