Wineglass Shaped Light by OOOMS

Glassbulb Light by OOOMS bar view

Glassbulb Light by OOOMS bar view

Here is an original LED bulb designed by OOOMS, the creative Dutch brand behind the Puzzleboard. In case that you do not remember it, Puzzleboard is an interlocked cutting board that can be used as mingling plates.

Glassbulb Light by OOOMS kitchen view

The Glassbulb Light might interested you if you are looking for an eco-friendly bulb with a fun design for your wine cellar, wine tasting room or simply your kitchen. Inside the bulb are 20 warm white high-intensity LEDs. They have a lifetime of 20,000 hours and you can buy them in 220 volt or 110 volt.

+ Glassbulb Light by OOOMS 59 €

  • Barina Craft
    September 2, 2011 at 02:19

    These wine glass shaped light fixtures would be great decor for home bars as well. Appreciate the long life LED bulb design.

    Would like to see additional mounting options. An angle bracket would allow back bar, wall, shelf and other attachments and room layout flexibility.