Why to Splurge on a High-end Dishwasher?

perla series dishwashers by miele

perla series dishwashers by miele

I wrote an article 15 months ago when I was shopping for a new dishwasher. At the time, I compiled a list of must-have and nice to have. Since I enjoyed the features for a while now, let’s see how those features measure up. I talk about features that make a difference in your day to day chores, not the technical sheet that the salespersons repeat to the consumers.

Superior Cleaning

Having a new dishwasher simplified my chores in many levels. With my previous dishwashers, I used to clean the dishes in the morning because it took too much time to rinse everything before I put them in the dishwasher. Not anymore. My dishwasher cleans so well that I never rinse anything. I gained precious minutes every day.

When cooking, I put the bowls, pots and pans that I do not need anymore right on the dishwasher. And the dinnerware, glassware and flatware go straight from the table to the dishwasher. I start the cycle as soon as the dishwasher is full. We live in an open kitchen, dining and living space. We never hear the dishwasher.

Quiet Dishwasher

If you go with a high-end dishwasher, chances are that you will never use the delay start. I don’t. It is so quiet that there is no need to wait.

European dishwashers vs. U.S. dishwashers

The European models have no heating coil near the bottom rack. Therefore, you can put plastics anywhere. This is an enormous advantage. This simple fact means that my counters are always neat. In fact, I would never go back to a North American model simply for that reason. On the green side, the European models use less water per cycle than the U.S. models.

Another particularly is that the European brands do not have a food grinder. They use filters instead. You do not need to rinse the dishes but you need to remove all the food before putting it on the dishwasher. The filters  must be cleaned once in a while but it is quick and easy to do, after the first time. I do not have to keep track of when since my dishwasher alerts me when I need to clean the filter.

Cutlery Tray

If you can get a cutlery tray, I strongly recommend it. At first, the cutlery tray seems not efficient. After a couple of days, I read on the Miele’s manual that they suggest to sort the utensils as you put them on the tray. It takes the same time to fill up. The benefit is that you save plenty of time when you transfer the cutlery into your kitchen cabinets. I never remove the trays to bring the flatware to my drawers. I just take all the big spoons in one hand, the same one in the another and put them on the drawers.

Keep in Mind your Tableware

I carried to the store a large plate and my tallest dishwasher-safe wine glass. It is important that they fit. Pay attention to the tray configurations. Look at heights and widths of the sections. Ideally, opt for a model where you have the flexibility to change the configuration. Mine does and it comes handy with big bowls and pans. I put everything, except wood tableware, on my dishwasher. I made sure everything would fit inside.

Multiple Programs

I do not use the 19 wash programs but when required, I switched to the specialty programs. This was my first dishwasher with an electronic panel. I love it. I programmed a few cycles the way I like it. Having access to my own settings saves time.

Overall, my priority list has not really changed. I made sure that the dishwasher we bought would satisfy my needs. I think this is why I am so happy with my purchase. In fact, I often say to my husband how pleased I am with our choice. If you are curious, we bought the Perla. Yah! It would be hard to not feel spoiled. My best advice is that you have a clear idea of what is important for you before shopping. Learn about the new gadgets and see why which you think you would use.

I would not do that with my own dishwasher, but I found this old Miele advertising that is funny to watch. Have a look.

+ photo: Miele