Why Prescholers Need Some Time Off as Much as You Do

vacation at the beach

We sometimes forget that our little ones have a busy life. They have a lot of fun at daycare but, like you, having a break from their weekly routine is beneficial for them. Why should we confine their vacation time to summer?

My husband and I are both entrepreneurs. We need time off a few times a year, not just in summer. We use that time to recharge our body and free our mind. We usually spread our vacation time over the year. I believe that our toddler boy feels the same.

What we do and where we go have changed a little bit since we became parents. We take his need as a young child into the equation. One thing that stayed the same is how we feel about our vacation time. We like to visit many attractions but we always plan some time to relax during our vacation. My husband and I have always been flexible about what we will do during a trip. Before we go somewhere, we compiled two lists: our must-see activities and our nice-to-do list. We have an understanding that we will start every vacation day with the notion that we can change our plan if we find something better to do or if we feel like it. By structuring our vacation time like that, we always returned home with wonderful travel memories. Plus, we feel relaxed when we get back to work.

Whether you opt for a staycation, a family vacation by the beach or to explore a new country this summer, I think that kids should be allowed to choose what they want to do on some days. Having no activities determined for them will teach them how to occupy themselves. I bet that if you do it that way, their time off will resemble the way you did it as a child.

What is your family vacation philosophy? Personally, I look forward for nice moments with my toddler and my husband.