Whimsical Cakes by Studio Cake

fun cakes by BethAnn of studio cakes

Passing from a NASA engineer to a successful cake designer and baker makes a pretty extraordinary story. BethAnn Goldberg had the creative gene since she started out as a ceramic sculptor before graduating from Stanford.

Studio Cake makes three types: the tiered cakes, the sculpted cakes and the cupcakes. The level of details is impressive. Look at the icy snow on the ground of the snowman cupcakes.

Let the Birthday Cake Be The Gift

If you are planning a birthday for someone that has everything, give a one of kind birthday cake instead. The guest of honor will be in awe when he/she sees the cake. Highlight the event with harmonizing invites, party décor and even wear costumes. Let the party of a lifetime be your gift.

To offset the extra costs, you can ask the guests for contributions instead of giving individual gifts.

Cake Pricing

As you can imagine sculpting a cake like those requires time and talent. Sculpted cakes by Studio Cake start at $250. Allow at least $300 for a tiered cake and count $5-12 per portion.

Custom decorated cupcakes range from $5-8 per cupcake, with a minimum order of two dozens.

I guess from the gallery photos that many parents ordered their kids birthday cakes from Studio Cake. BethAnn has the touch to make her cake creations look divine and fun. Jerome, I want one for .

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  • jaqueline rorigues
    September 18, 2009 at 13:34

    me mande modelos de bolos de casamento

  • lakevia
    September 21, 2010 at 12:26

    I’m getting ready to start a baking and pastry program, and I was looking around to purchase some instructional dvds. I really love that strawberry cake. I was wondering if you sold dvds of your work.