What’s New in Fall Dinnerware at Williams Sonoma

pewter and ceramic bowl with handles :: dashboard trays and coasters :: pear tureens :: autumnal plaid table linens  williamsonoma

September is almost there. We feel the colder air here in Montreal this morning. Therefore, we will be slowly moving towards autumnal hues for our tablescapes.

My first compilation for fall 2008 is from the latest tableware additions at Williams Sonoma.

I would like to get the pewter and ceramic bowl with handles. A bowl like that looks so chic on a table. And the model at Williams Sonoma is about half the price of the handmade Convivio centerpiece bowl with handles by Match.

The Dashboard Trays & Coasters are now available in glass instead of wood surface to add more sparkles to your events. The high gloss wood grain model reminds us of the vintage roadsters and 1940s speedboats.

Williams Sonoma describes its pear tureens as a natural for serving poached pears. It only works if you serve cold poached pears. In reality, this tureen will be more useful to serve hot and cold soups, stews, oatmeal and fresh fruit salads.

+ Pewter & Ceramic Bowls – price: $125 bowl, $225 bowl with handle
+ Glass Dashboard Trays & Coasters – price: $88-$198 USD
+ Dashboard Trays & Coasters – price: $88-$225 USD
+ Pear Tureens – price: $18 small, $48 large
+ Autumnal Plaid Table Linens – price: $52 for 4 napkins or 4 placemats, $48 for table runner
+ Match Convivio Centerpiece bowl with handles – price: $400 USD