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What’s for Supper?

Mushroom-Crusted Red Snapper by Anthony Sedlak of the Main TV show

Stylish living begins with great food. With our busy life, we, me included, are often exhausted at the end of the work day. So we have problems deciding what to prepare for supper. Following an easy-to-made recipe done with widely available ingredients would simplify our life.

So starting today, I will be posting every afternoon of the week about once a week a one or two main dish suggestions. A tasteful main dish is all you need to cook for a weekday meal. If you like my suggestion, simply print the recipe and grab what you need at the grocery store on your way home. I hope it will stimulate you to try new recipes and live in style every day.

So for April’s Fool Day, a fish dish is in order. Do not be anxious by the food presentation. This dish is simple to make and to plate. In fact, I would put the green beans on the side since you will put them down to eat anyway. The featured main dish recipe is:

Mushroom-Crusted Red Snapper by Anthony Sedlak of The Main TV show.

Let’s start a conversation

To help others, I would like to hear your tips and suggestions. You can answer:

  • Have you ever tried a similar recipe?
  • Can you share a fish recipe that you do for your family?
  • What are you cooking for supper tonight?