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masquerade party by Todd design

A few days ago, Lara of ready2spark featured beautiful floral arrangements designed by an amazing Dallas event studio. Curious, I went to browse their gallery. I found a few inspiration materials for your next parties.

From these pictures, it is clear that Todd.event design.creative services caters within the high end party business. But with some skills and imagination, anyone should be able to recycle these ideas on a smaller scale and budget. In any case, these pictures are a pleasure for the eyes.

I arranged the pictures around three themes. Keep in mind that these pictures come from several parties.

1 | Masquerade

If you planning a Halloween party but do not wish to fall within the usual theme, why not host a masquerade party? Guests should wear chic epoch clothes if you throw a Masquerade ball. I would have loved to be there.

Planning a simple costume for the staff is an important detail whenever you host a costumed party. The normal staff attire could break the party mood.

The rule of thumb is that if the guests are costumed; keep the staff costume a lot simpler so there is no mistaken identity. For this Marie-Antoinette masquerade, all the personnel simply wears a silky mask.

If you guests wear formal clothes or chic city clothing for a party that is quite festive (imagine a Cirque du Soleil event), then you can get wild with the staff’s clothes. Their clothes then become an element of the party décor.

Plexiglas items are in demand with the hip event design crowd because they are versatile. Here, a Plexiglas box is filled up with hay cuts. This design makes fun bar tables. The rest of your setting will determine if the overall look is more or less Western. If you install the hay table in a hip interior place rather than on the desk of a brick house, add some color LED lights, the result would be totally different.

Candies are stylishly presented in apothecary vases, urns and woven baskets. Keep this look in mind not only at Halloween but also for a movie night party.

2 | Naturally green

The cheese station is simply stunning. Resting directly on a huge butcher block table, the cheese and bread does not need platters. Layering tons of grapes on top of a large rattan basket (half to three quarter of the basket is probably just filler) with a mystical greenery centerpiece in the background adds textures and contrast.

You can transform a slim cutting board into a serving tray by adding some decorative elements. And honesty, no guest will refrain to say Wow! at the sight of this immense iron chandelier creation. 

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3 | Pink parties

In this month of the Fight against Breast Cancer, it is appropriate to show you more ideas for partying in pink. The ultimate indulgence is drinking Pink Champagne. Here you see two ways to set up a drink station.

The petal curtain is the idea to steal. You can fashion this easy DIY project with your girl friends for a baby shower or a bridal shower. Beads are easy to find at any price range. To lower the cost, you can use cheap beads to make the strands and spurge on the flowers.

Investing in fashionable fabrics makes a difference. Here, the tacky purses are elevated by sitting on these exquisite gold and purple baroque stools. The lesson here is that there is always a way to get around a less desirable element.

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Via: Juicy Florals by ready2spark

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