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Weekly Meal Planner: Week 3

watercress salad

The reason why I started to chronicle what we ate for dinner every week was to vary our meals. So far, it is working. I don’t know if reading my weekly menu gives you ideas for what to cook for dinner to your family but, on a personal note, I see the benefits of keeping track of what’s for my dinner. You should give it a try.

Here is what we ate for dinner last week:

  • Monday: The main was scaloppine al limone. I see no need to flour the veal scallops for this recipe. The side dishes were Brussels spouts (simply boiled, drained and heated with a spoon of butter) and a watercress salad (with cherry tomates, sweet red peppers and capers).
  • Tuesday: My simple Teriyaki pork chops. The side dishes were plain rice and a spinach salad, with some cherry tomatoes and the simplest lemon and olive oil vinaigrette. To do my pork recipe, heat a of canola oil in a non-stick square grill pan (the kind that leaves grill marks), cook at medium the pork. Before turning the chops, sprinkle dried savory on each chop. Turn them. A minute before the chops are cooked, pour some Teriyaki sauce over them. You may want to increase the kitchen fan before you pour the sauce. Put some sauce from the pan on the pork chops when you serve them. That’s it! Simple yet tasty.
  • Wednesday: I tried a pasta recipe from Jamie Oliver. The verdict: I will do it again! The best thing for you is that the recipe is online. Get the recipe for his Tagliatelle with a simple sweet tomato sauce and shrimps.
  • Thursday: It was freezing cold and Zack had a doctor appointment in the afternoon. So, I skipped a trip to the grocery store. We ordered instead our usual vegetarian pizza, extra ham with a mix salad.
  • Friday: I went old school French cuisine by preparing one of the first recipes that I learned when I went to lived by myself in my first apartment. I did make these recipes for years and one day, I decided to do it again. It’s a turbot fillets au gratin. I served it with green beans au beurre and a bunch of purple, orange, yellow and white carrots boiled with fresh thyme, drained and then, heated with a tablespoon of semi-salt butter.
  • Saturday: At my husband’s request, I cooked my fast to make and super tasty hot Italian sausage and vegetable stew. I served it on a rice bed.
  • Sunday: I had a craving for some comfy food. I made a tasty potato, rutabaga and carrot mash while my husband cooked us a t-bone steak topped with Montreal steak spice. It is tradition; no steak in my home are grilled without the Montreal steak seasonings.

Do you plan your meal weekly? If so, what do you eat on an average week at your home?

  • Carol
    January 29, 2013 at 10:07

    This is good inspiration Kim, Also a good reminder that with a little planning we can eat well all week. I’m going to try the pasta recipe :)thanks!

  • Maryam Rafa
    January 29, 2013 at 17:13

    Glad you survived that freezing week, Kim! Seems like you took care of you loved ones too! Great inspiration too. I’ll make sure to try that Jamie Oliver recipe.