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Weekly Meal Planner: Week 2

what's for dinner mushroom risotto asparagus and trout

My toddler enjoyed every meal I made for dinner last week except for the chop suey. I have the feeling that it was because of the ground beef. Instead, he savoured a bowl of the leek and carrot soup from my frozen soup supply.

Here is the list of what we ate last week:

  • Monday: My famous grilled Italian sausage and vegetable stew on a rice bed.
  • Tuesday: I cooked one of my favorite recipes from the early years of Donna Hay. You will find the recipe of her stir-fried prawns and noodles in “Off the Shelf: cooking from the pantry“.
  •  Wednesday: A beef chop suey served with yellow potatoes. I created the recipe on the spot since I cooked my previous one 10 years ago. If it wasn’t for my son who doesn’t enjoy ground beef, I would make it more often. I might try a recipe with chicken the next time.
  • Thursday: Bolognese rotini with freshly grounded Reggiano Parmesan. The sauce is my mom’s recipe.
  • Friday: We ordered in our favorite vegetarian pizza, extra ham that I served with a mixed vegetable salad.
  • Saturday: My husband’s famous mushroom risotto. From a recipe inspired by Jamie Oliver. We were supposed to eat that with grilled asparagus but we forgot to buy them. Nonetheless, it was delicious. A nice bottle of red wine added to the wonderful taste.
  • Sunday: My son was grumpy since it didn’t nap long enough in the afternoon. For that reason, we decided to cook my son’s favorite food: a grilled steelhead trout with a touch of Dijon mustard. Last night risotto and grilled organic asparagus made delicious sides.

Do you plan your meal weekly? If so, what do you eat on an average week at your home?