Wednesday’s Quick Links 2009.02.25


+ What a clever concept! Nicola from Bern imagined a coat hook that transforms as a coat hanger. The multi-hook design solves the problem of not have enough space to properly hang the coats of your guests when you are having a big party. Via MoCo Loco

hillary carruthers garden design  business cards

+ I applaud when people come up with clever (the word of the day) business card idea. Why not recycle this idea for the table numbers or the menu of a garden party? With some embellishments, the concept will transfer well for an English tea party. See more DIY table number ideas. Via Design Crush.

+ Read the Top Ten Kitchen Layout Mistakes on HGTV.ca. One that I wish to discuss further is the Don’t install a sink in a breakfast bar. Family members often sit at the breakfast bar with their laptops to talk to you. Water and computers do not form a good mix.

+ I do not talk about fashion on AHWKV but I felt under the spells. I spotted the fall/winter 2009 collection of Eley Kishimoto on Wee Bird, a UK blog that I adore. This is the work of a team of designer Mark Eley and Wakako Kishimoto. I enjoy their playful yet stylish style. Their Spring 2009 is also gorgeously creative.