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Walking Meetings are Great for Business and Your Health

walking meetings

A TED2013 talk by Nilofer Merchant offers us a way to mix work with leisure. It is easy to see why a walking meeting is great for your mind and body. With careful planning and some luck, I bet that they could save you time by allowing you to move between the places where you need to be. They could be more productive than the typical business meetings.

The idea of walking meetings speaks to me for several reasons. First, I love to walk; it is my prefer transportation mode in the city. I even walked in L.A.. Secondly, a walking meeting seems more fun and engaging than sitting at a corporate conference table. Third, by removing the distractions caused by the computer screens, you can discuss the important issues, explore ideas and talk about real solutions. Lastly, a walk keeps the meeting relatively short, which is way more productive.

Proponents of walking meetings say that being outside and in movement clears your mind and fuels your imagination. I believe it! To get results, you should select a quiet place, like a city park. Make sure to remind the other attendee(s) to wear their walking shoes. And yes, you can stop to grab a take-out coffee on your way to the park.

Not convinced yet? Watch this factual and inspiring short talk from Nilofer Merchant at TED

As for me, don’t be surprised if instead of asking you to meet you for breakfast, lunch or a coffee, I ask you to meet me for a walk.