Walking L.A. is the recap of my Saturday

walking L.A. by Erin Mahoney Harris

I had a great day in Santa Monica and Venice Beach. The weather is still marvelous. I am amazed to see a blue sky with absolutely no cloud. It rarely happens in Montreal.

I saw stunning modern architecture houses on the border of the Venice Beach canals. Architecture styles from traditional to revival to modern coexist next to small cottages. We filmed a lot as we did the walk tour. I will post the video once we edited it. I will do that after the vacation.

In the meantime, I am telling you the highlights of my day in a short video. Thanks for watching.

I will provide you with the details once I am back in Montreal.

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  • Roberto
    January 19, 2009 at 01:17

    Great to hear you had such a wonderful time.

    and thanks for sharing the pics.