Vintage Items at Three Potato Four and ReForm School

going vintage on your table and for home accessories

There is something incredibly appealing about these vintage items. They speak to me. I like the idea of giving them a second or third life.

I like the Hovis English Bread Tins and I dream of Three Potato Four Milk Bottle Carafe.  The carafe is their original design. Both items are on my wish list.

The stainless steel spigot was originally used to dispense olive oil. It is available in 3 formats: 10 liters, 12 liters and 20 liters. It would be perfect to serve lemonade, water or a sport drink at any outdoor events this summer.

The apothecary vials are in their original leather case. The set includes 20 glass vials each with either an original vintage handwritten or typed Rx label and leather case with handle and snap closure.

+ Hovis English Bread Tins – Large  $35 USD, Small $25
+ Three Potato Four Milk Bottle Carafe – 32-oz bottle $28 USD, 8-oz bottle $20
+ Stainless Steel Fustis $175 USD
+ Apothecary Bottle Set with Leather Case $150 USD