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Urban Green House of Moine Urbain for my Eco-friendly Tuesday | 2009 Design Montreal

moine urbain :: modern backyard of the green house

I could not decide the winner between number 1 and 2 for the places I visited last Sunday during the Open Door event of Design Montreal. Since it is time for my eco-friendly column, I will talk about Moine Urbain. It is fun to take pictures when the subject is so amazing. Enjoy the views!

kitchen and bathroom production by Moine Urbain in Montreal

Founded by the multidisciplinary artist and artisan Mario Lafrenais, Moine Urbain works with rock, wood, steel and glass. They specialize in making minimalist but very functional kitchen and bathrooms. Mario created an awesome collection of bathtubs, sinks and kitchen island top surface made with Saint-Marc rock. Moine Urbain’s collection is organic and the Saint-Rock rock feels so soft to the touch. You can also hire them for custom made pieces. A man offered his wife a custom-made bath to make sure that she will be comfortable in it. How romantic!

Mario rethinks the function of the objects. He favors minimalist design. He works on every details making sure the soap holder and the holder fits into the design both aesthetically and functionally.

A Glimpse at His Green House

urban house with solar panels in Montreal :: moine urbain

Like many designers, his studio is attached to his residence. We had a glimpse of his house by going his stunning backyard. He talked to us about the many green features of his house from solar panels to using combustion stove as an added heat source during the winter to his salt-water pool in the heart in the city. He lives in Le Plateau-Mont-Royal borough in Montreal. I do not recalled the details of his heating system but it done in an environmentally manner.

I love his outdoor dining room furniture. It is a great place for outdoor entertaining.

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