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Updating the Classic Fraisier

fraisier in 3 styles: classic, reinvented and verrine

This French dessert is apparently the first fresh fruit cake. Fraisier is delicious and is a favorite during the first summer months.

A fraisier is basically a genoise sliced in two halves, filled with creme mousseline (creme patissiere combined with butter) and fresh strawberries. The top is made of a pink or green almond paste layer. This is the original version that Elle à Table qualifies avant-garde in 1960.

I am taking this opportunity to talk about how you can take any old recipe, make same adjustment to the recipe to reflect current trend and develop a new food presentation. The idea is to reinvent a classic dish.

The Fraisier, 2008 edition

Last year, La Tartine Gourmande reinvented the Fraisier by topping the genoise and freshly sliced strawberries with a snow-light rhubarb mousse made with mascarpone, rhubarb purée , egg whites and whipped cream. Strawberry goes well with rhubarb. Bea was inspired by the classic layout but her version looks more modern.

Elle à Table went a step further by serving the fraisier as a verrine in the June 2008 issue. They replaced the creme mousseline and genoise with a little bit of mascarpone and a few cookies. I like this simpler recipe. The mint sprigs add even more freshness to the lighter fresh strawberry dessert.

Usual Tips Before You Attempt Your First Fraisier

Making a good genoise cake is more difficult that you think. A genoise is basically a sponge cake brushed with liquor syrup. It is To understand the challenge and get the tricks to succeed, read Genoise Instruction on Eggbeater, a blog by pastry Chef Shuna Fish Lydon.

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Top Row Photo Credits: Jérôme Bilic for Elle à Table, June 2008 issue – rights reserved
Second Row Photo Credits: La Tartine Gourmande – rights reserved

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