Umbra embarks on the eco-friendly wagon

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Umbra is announcing the launch of their stylish eco-friendly collection designs. Their effort concentrates on the materials used to manufacture their products. It is a step on the right direction.

Giving a Second Life to Paper

Adin Mumma created from stacked reprocessed paper and recyclable paper board frame the Pulp Bulletin Board. The result is a unique yet practical bulletin board for your home office or the kitchen message center.

Degradable Plastic Trash Cans

Once in the landfill, the new manufactured Umbra trash cans will break down 10 times faster than regular plastic. It would be marvelous when the degradable plastic that biodegrades in 20 years instead of 200 become the norm. Until then, we have to start looking at companies that are making an effort.

At $8.50 per Garbino Can, it does not cost more to be eco-friendly. In the late 1990, I bought a few Garbino cans designed by Karim Rashid. I still like them. The Artala Cans designed by Joshua Davis/David Quan are amusing with their cool printed designs.

Eco-friendly Wood

Relaxing in our bath is one of the delightful pleasures in life. Made of bamboo, Aquala Bathtub Caddy has a built-in wine glass holder and fold-away book support.

The Rama Frame series is made of plantation grown wood. The green idea is to not destroy more wild life and their natural habitat to admire our pictures.

Buy online: Pulp Bulletin Board by Umbra – price: $47.50 CAD
Buy online: Aquala Bathtub Caddy by Umbra – price: $47.50 CAD
Buy online: Rama frame by Umbra – price: $19 CAD
Buy online: Garbino Can by Umbra – price: $8.50 CAD
Buy online: Artala Can by Umbra – price: $18 CAD