Ultimate Gift Wrapping Stations

ultimate gift wrapping stations

I wrote twice about gift wrapping stations. I still have to fulfill this dream in the comfort of my own house.

After the biggest wrapping session of the year, I felt the need for a better system. I do not have a bad system. It is just that I need to put back everything on their shelves once I am finished. I wish for a spot where everything is accessible with pegboards and a couple of professional metal stands to put my big paper rolls.

If you do not have a room to spare for craft and wrapping projects, you can install a pegboard in a closet. The Container Store sells impressively useful workstations. You can opt for a mobile solution to neatly store your wrap paper rolls, totes, tissue, ribbons and gift accessories.

Mobile Storage Solutions

Ideal for a small space, the Gift Packaging Workstation with the foldable legs can be stored under a bed or on a shelf. It features some clips to hold a gift wrap roll on the top surface plus on the side, a ribbon dispenser and tool caddy.

A cheaper option is the Hanging Gift Wrap Organizer. Hang it on a closet rod, a hook or slide it under a bed.

+ Gift Wrap Station at Pottery Barn
+ How to set up a gift wrapping station in a craft room

+ Photo credits: the Pull-Out Storage Central and the Repurposed Wrapping Station – photography by Veronica Toney for Better Homes and Gardens
+ White elfa Mesh Gift Wrap Cart on sale at $139.38 USD at The Container Store
+ Gift Packaging Workstation $99 USD at The Container Store
+ Hanging Gift Wrap Organizer $21.99 USD at The Container Store

  • Christine
    November 25, 2012 at 17:20

    The Gift Packaging Workstation is something I saw on a home shopping network several years ago. I couldn’t afford it then and have been chasing it ever since. You have it listed from The Container Store, but it does not appear on their website. Any other ideas of where I might find this genius invention? Do you know the name of the company who makes/ made it? I’m open to all leads! Thanks so much.

    • Kim
      November 25, 2012 at 22:35

      Hi Christine, I wrote that post in 2008. It might be out of production. I searched and I wasn’t able to find something similar.