Trend report: The raw materials are the guest of honor at the party

moss centerpiece for dinner party

A lot of people still interpret natured theme floral arrangements just as a simple grouping of native flowers. But without going to the creative extremes that only a talented florist can do, you can make your own chic raw style flower arrangement.

Cleverly layering moss balls and pebbles with a few prop accessories on a clean lined cake stand can look magical. This great centerpiece that I stumbled upon in the green Friday Flickr favorites of Creature Comforts blog is a living proof. I put the stylish raw centerpiece beside simpler natural bouquets so you can immediately catch the style differences.

The raw material trend is growing every day. You get the faux bois outdoor furniture. Indoors, studio wellspring revealed a luxurious living room with fabulous textured accessories and a magnificent black tree stump table.

Last Friday, Jen from An Eye for an I:nterior blog spoke about the real beauty of stylish raw décor. Look at this table top with concrete place mats, I told you that the raw materials are invited to the party dinner.

Jen is redoing her dining room right now. Although, it would not fit Jen’s space, you can get inspire by this raw wood table and Scandinavian chairs that I saw on desire to inspire blog last Saturday. The clash of styles adds lots of interest to this minimalist white room.

tabletop on An Eye for an I:nterior       raw wood table and stump table on studio wellspring

I could continue for a while. With so many bloggers revealing beautiful and chic nature inspired designs, now is the time to integrate raw, natural materials into your party décor elements if you want to be in.

Design of Vauvert restaurant at Hotel Saint-Paul

restaurant Vauvert :: Hotel Saint-Paul in  Old Montreal

In Old Montreal, the new Vauvert restaurant (the rebirth version of Cube) has a raw bar top and black fur seats. The concept of Vauvert was developed around a 150-year old Quebec legend called La Chasse-Galerie. Legend has it that in the winter lumber camps of Quebec years ago, loggers could sail over miles of snow-covered terrain in a chasse-galerie (witch canoe) to see their sweethearts simply by making a deal with the Devil.

The Vauvert restaurant design is more a masculine but men and women feel comfortable in it. You can catch elements from the chic raw movement. But Vauvert is very chic and hip. The restaurant is in the urban modern chic Hotel Saint-Paul after all.

Link: Friday Flickr Favorites – Gorgeous Green published on Creature Comforts blog
Link: and the frosting. published on studio springwell
Link: 125 I Like It RAW! published on An Eye for An I:nterior blog
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Link: Web site of Vauvert restaurant at Hotel Saint-Paul in Old Montreal
Moss garden: Better Homes and Gardens magazine

  • Jenn
    July 17, 2007 at 12:21

    I absolutely love that banquette and raw wood table top!!! So gorgeous. I wish I could incorporate something like that in my dining area but you’re right – it just wouldn’t fit unless I changed up everything else. I’ve always been a big fan of natural materials and incorporating raw elements with modern elements so everytime I see a blog like this I get so excited 🙂

    Great post!

  • At Home with kim vallee
    July 17, 2007 at 12:37

    Jen, the moment I saw it I knew you would like it!

  • Yujai
    July 13, 2008 at 20:00

    Hi Kim! I love your blog, it’s filled with many great ideas and inspiration!

    I wonder where I can get those mushrooms though? I love mushrooms!!! esp the magic ones XD

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