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If you are still looking for inspiration to compose your mini menu on Valentine’s Day, I spotted some pretty romantic recipes on Tastespotting.

Start or end the day with a Hot Chocolate

If you are in New York City this February, schedule a stop at for their famous Hot Chocolate Festival. I wrote it down on my itinerary. Daily flavors are offered on top of the regular blend.

Today, it’s Darkest Dark Hot Chocolate. On the 14th, it’s the Love Potion Hot Chocolate. While a Caramel Hot Chocolate and Chili Pepper Hot Chocolate will be served on February 16th and the 17th respectively. The City Bakery sells its hot chocolates in a shot size at $2 but you can savor a full-sized cup for $4.50. Add 50 cents for a marshmallow.

Otherwise, make your own hot chocolate by melting small pieces of fine chocolate (the darker the better for me) in warmed milk, then sugar and add a dash of vanilla and a cayenne pepper. You can try the Hot Hot Cocoa recipe by Michael Smith.

Inspiration for a meal

For a stress free solution, prepare your favorite food but add an element of surprise in the food presentation. To jazz things up, add one new recipe like this lovely Broccoflower Soup from La Tartine Gourmande.

Cupcakes and sweets

I saw Chef Michael Smith made similar tuxedo chocolate dipped strawberries last week. It looks so easy when done by an expert. You will find on Simply Recipes a step by step guide to make your own.

For desserts, why not serve homemade cupcakes? It is strange for me to say but I do like the way these fondant roses nicely decorate these cupcakes. The technique used seems simple. I guess that crafty beginners can probably give it a try. The rose cupcakes were made by the talented woman behind Bakerella, a blog full of stylish baked goodies.

Otherwise, I find you a simpler cupcake design on The Recipe Girl. In fact, she reproduced a recipes from Better Homes and Garden’s Magazine.

Everything except roses for me

By the way, I do not like roses. My husband knows me well enough to grasp that fact since the beginning of our relationship. He showed originality by giving me divine bouquets other than the trivial red rose dozens on Valentine’s Day or at any other moment. So if you are a man, I suggest you ask your florist for something new this Valentine. Ask for a creative arrangement that reflects the personality of the one you love.

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Hot chocolate festival spotted by Melinda2
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Bakerella’s cupcakes for Valentine spotted by GingerbreadGirl03
Red Velvet Cupcakes spotted by RecipeGirl

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