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Treats by Kréavie as Holiday Gifts

marshmallows at kreavie

If you saw the dessert table for my husband’s birthday party last October, you probably recognize the delicious marshmallows lollipops. For Christmas, they opened an online shop with gift ideas for all budgets.

Amongst the inexpensive items, I suggest their marshmallows. The marshmallow lollipops dipped in chocolate are divine. Bringing a large box to the hostess should ensure that you will be invited again. You can select the flavors of the marshmallow squares available in bags of 2 or 8. The purse bag (2 marshmallows) would be a hit as a goodie bag. Or you could use them to decorate each place setting at a dinner party. I dare to see if your guests would be able to resist eating them before the end of the meal.

gift bag and chocolate box at kreavie

You can order gift bags. I received one as a free sample. My husband and I enjoyed the taste of the butter cookies, the divine chocolate and naturally, the marshmallows. I still have to taste the salty butter caramel, the almond & hazelnut croquant and the wine confit.

The packaging is luxurious and well presented. A little detail that you can recycle with your Christmas bag gift wraps is the way they close the bag. They keypunch 2 holes on each side of the bag to nicely secure a ribbon. I like it when a chic solution is simple to make.

+ Lot of 6 Duo Marshmallows $7.20 CAD
+ Bag of 8 Orange/Ginger marshmallows $4.80 CAD – other flavors are available
+ Small box of marshmallow lollipops $7.55 – big box $13.50
+ Bag of Butter Cookies $7.30
+ Box of 3 chocolates $ 7
+ More shopping at Kreavie

  • Kim - The TomKat Studio
    December 7, 2009 at 10:52

    Everything looks yummy! The packaging is gorgeous!