Top 7 Links of the Week 2008.07.27

I am introducing my new weekly must read section. I compiled the list on Sunday from what bloggers published over the last 7 days.  Enjoy!

shinki katoh trays :: cookies by la tartine gourmande :: repurposed housewares by real simple

+ I fall in love with the Shinzi Katoh trays with square handles available in the USA at Penelope’s. I have a thing for trays. The drawings of Shinzi Katoh are so adorable. So many cool stuff features his design. Also check out the treasure boxes. Via ohdeedoh

+ The taste of homemade cookies feels second to none. They are great to bring on the road, for a picnic or as hostess gifts. Bea baked her Dark Chocolate Chip and Nut Cookies with 5 types of flour. As usually, her pictures add to the pleasures. Via La Tartine Gourmande

+ Real Simple shows us how to refresh a room using boxes, jars, and other household items. Their solutions have style. Via Apartment Therapy San Francisco

+ Do not miss the onesie and the diaper bag mini cakes baked by Cupcake Envy. Guests will be in awe at a baby shower. Via sparkliatti

+ You are babysitting your friend’s toddler unexpectedly, do not worry you can built a homemade bowling set from things you have on the house. It is also a cool idea for a play date. Via tutus and turtles

+ Fabulous Stationery launched a fabulous collection of calling cards. It is a must for every one to have a calling card in these days. It makes things so much simpler. I suggest two sets. The first set has your home address and phone number. Another set shows less information. I suggest publishing only your name, cell phone and a general contact email (i.e. your gmail account). Via Design Crush

+ Strategic lighting across an outdoor space adds moods. You could plant solar outdoor lamps. But if you prefer the charms of candlelight, look at two simple DIY lighting ideas. Via Apartment Therapy New York