To Die For Halloween Cakes

happy halloween haunted house cakes by cakegirls

For the second time this year, I succumbed to the fabulous cake creations of Cakegirls. This Chicago-based duo is quite busy. Looking at their skills, you can understand why people hire Cakegirls.

Organizing huge parties at Halloween is part of the tradition. With its increased popularity, Halloween is on the verge of becoming an holiday. Who says big events, says cakes. The haunted house cake beats the paper haunted house models. With that level of details ist is almost to great to eat! I am only kidding; I rarely resist a delicious cake.

I noticed that the Halloween decorations this year are more sophisticated. The decorations are even merrier. We seemed to stay away from the scariest Halloween party themes. I guess that we want something else; after the pretty scary have been done so many times. I would not complain about this sweeter side of Happy Halloween.

A Glimpse of Christmas

holidays gift cake by cakegirls

The Maher sisters also created speciality cakes for Christmas. I would take one gift cake instead of a log. But we will discuss that once we stored away our orange, silver and black decorations.

+ photos by Cakegirls

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