Tired of cupcakes, serve the delightful cookies of Eleni’s Cookies

New cookie collection at Eleni\'s Cookies in NYC

Cupcakes are cute but sometimes we need a change of scenery. Arrive to the rescue the luxurious and whimsical Eleni’s Cookies from a cookie shop in New York City.

These cookies are made from the finest natural ingredients. But why does this shop stand apart from the crowd? It is due to the way they decorate their cookies. If you serve them at your event, be prepared. These cookies are conversation pieces.

The way the owner Eleni markets her cookies is by theme instead of flavors. Several themes are designed for the hobbies, common Holidays and life celebrations. Their beautiful Breast Cancer Awareness collection looks and tastes wonderful.

New collections are available

The Party Animals set is really cute for a kid birthday party or it you are having a movie night featuring BBC’s Planet Earth on high definition. My husband and I started watching Planet Earth yesterday night. I recommended this TV series to anyone.

Animal faces, new baby boy or girl and party time are new additions to an already vast catalogue.

A luxurious way to serve them

We do not often think of serving our cookies on a tiered cake pedestal as Eleni did for her New Baby Girl shower pack. But really we should. You could also prepare in advance guest plates with 2 or 3 cookies per person.

We often have celebrations at the office and cookies like those are perfect. They are easier to eat than cakes and people on diet can eat only one. The Birthday mixer contains cookies, brownies and one Happy Birthday Cake sugar cookie favor.

Each set comes in a tin cookie box. This makes it easy to bring them as a hostess gift or a housewarming gift.

Something to remember

For party favors, special 5-inch cookies are sold wrapped individually in a cellophane bag. If you are interested, they shipped their edible treats all over the United States.

I recalled that I have to introduce Eleni’s masterpieces to you when looking at their Halloween treats and their wedding collection earlier today. I have to thank Barefoot in the Orchard for that little reminder.

Buy online: New Baby girl by Eleni’s Cookies – price: $65 for 17 cookies
Buy online: Party Animals by Eleni’s Cookies – price: $65 for 14 cookies
Buy online: Thanks Again Gift Box by Eleni’s Cookies – price: $65 for 16 cookies
Buy online: Birthday mixer by Eleni’s Cookies – price: $70
For Canadians: HD-DVD Planet Earth, The Complete BBC Series on
For Americans: HD-DVD Planet Earth, The Complete BBC Series on
Via: Eleni published on Barefoot in the Orchard

  • ready2spark
    October 24, 2007 at 00:22

    YES!! I’m so tired of cupcakes – I’m just not a fan. They look pretty…although they seem to be everywhere these days. It’s nice to see something different.


  • At Home with kim vallee
    October 24, 2007 at 17:56

    ready2spark: You are right Lara that Eleni sell her cookies not only through her own store. She even made special package kits for high-end chains.

    February 3, 2010 at 05:37

    Cool stuff! Those cookies look real good! But I’ve seen them here in Hong Kong