Tips for a Welcoming Entryway

Hall Furniture by Gärsnäs :: letter holder :: pottery barn's brady locker and base unit

Many apartments or condo units have small hallway. Most units do not even have a closet. They lack functions.

The first room people see when they visit your house is the front entrance. For that reason, it is crucial that your entrance conveys the right impression.

Hallway Essentials

Any vestibule needs at least:

  • a mirror to check what you look like before stepping out of the house,
  • a seat to put on your shoes,
  • a surface to deposit your handbag (can be hang on hooks) and deposit your packages (can use the bench for that),
  • a surface to deposit the mail, keys and tech gadgets when you enter the room, and
  • storage solutions for coats, scarves, gloves, shoes and umbrellas.

The rest is a matter of taste and lifestyle. To keep out the mess and produce a clean look, opt for closed solution. You want to eliminate any feeling of clutter while keeping things at easy reach.

You need a key holder near the entrance. After you must decide where to put your mobile tech gadgets (iPod, cell phones, etc).

Some people like a message center close by the door because they can read it all as they walk in the door. It may be a good idea if your students but I do not feel it is proper. Since families typically use another entrance than the front door, it is OK for the message center to be near the family entrance.

Gärsnäs is one of Sweden’s oldest, still active furniture makers. They export mainly to their Scandinavian neighbors. A tiny number of retailers in France, Great Britain, the US and Japan carry their products. It is sad because their collections are interesting.

+ Hall Furniture by Gärsnäs
+ Letter Holder by KeepItCartesian
+ Brady 2-Piece Entryway Suite at Pottery Barn – on sale $249 – $1189 USD

  • Mari08
    August 20, 2008 at 19:23

    I just moved in to my apartment and we are still looking to fix up the front entrance. We have a coat closet already, but it still needs work. I think I will consider the bench idea and a table, but Im still looking for that perfect hallway runner since it always seems to be muddy outside!