Three Progressive nifty kitchen gadgets

Pop-Out Measuring Cups : Onion Chopper : Collapsible Over-the-Sink Colander by Progressive

I enjoy cooking with the right tools. There are always new gadgets coming around. Some that I find useless, others can be great but do not interested me because I developed a technique over the years that I am pleased with.

Others kitchen tools are fun to have while a select group makes it to the must-have category. I will go as far as to replace mine with these but if I have to get new ones these three by Progressive will make my short list.

The Pop-Out Measuring Cups

First of all, the numbers are written for an aging population in mind and the fact that kids want to help you in the kitchen. These silicone cups are flexible, which allows you to push out the ingredients instead of having to scrape them. The Pop-Out Measuring Cups nest for storage like the traditional measuring cups.

The Onion Chopper

I got great knifes and an excellent mandoline. But with sensitive eyes, the no tear factor is worth the expense if you have the cupboard space. A handy enclosed container with non-skid feet doubles as a measuring cup and holds up to 2 cups of chopped onions.

Collapsible Over-the-Sink Colander

The adjustable handle fits most sinks. I like it because it frees your hand when you are washing fruits and vegetables. It seems to be small enough to leave out free space on the sink if you got a normal sized single sink.

I told you before my love affair with colanders and strainers. But colanders are bulky item to store. That is why I like the idea of a collapsible one.

I own a few tools by Progressive. I enjoy my silicone tip tongs. Their products are well made. When you are buying silicone products, be aware of lower grade silicone. That will not happen with the Progression product line.

Learn more: Web site of Progressive International

  • Liene
    August 1, 2007 at 14:00

    LOVE the collapsible colander – where has that thing been all my life?!