Three Looks for the Scoop-back Chair at West Elm

one chair three looks for the scoop-back chair at west elm

We all know this modern bentwood chair. It rests on a sturdy chrome-plated iron base. Many brands produce their version. What is fun at West Elm is the variety of the bendwood chair finishes. You can opt for the traditional solid color option, a print option and the new pebbled leather upholstery.

The popularity of the scoop-back form is due to its affordability and versatility. It can be used as dining chairs, as a desk chair or a simple sitting chair in a teen bedroom. For our bedroom at the cottage, we bought two black-brown GILBERT chair at IKEA. I prefer the shape of  the Scoop-back chair but there is no West Elm’s store in Montreal.

+ scoop-back chair, print $99 USD
+ scoop-back chair, solid $99 USD
+ leather scoop-back chair $199 USD