Three flavored salt recipes on Steamy Kitchen

Three flavored salt recipes on Steamy KitchenI have been a fan of flavored salts for a while. After you tried a good flavored salt, you asked yourself how you manage all these years without it.

Flavored salts most commonly flavor a recipe and dish up a plate in no time. Use a flavored salt as a rub to enhance the flavor of a simple fish recipe. A little bit of black olive sea salt can add another layer of flavor to a recipe that has black olives as the dominant flavor. Other times, flavored salts provide an easy way to complement another flavor on my plate.

Making your own flavored salts

Ever since I saw Jamie Oliver making is own citrus flavored salt on TV, I realized how simple is it to make your own flavored salt.

I was thrilled to see on Tastespotting that Jaden from Steamy Kitchen just published three recipes of flavored salts: Szechuan Peppercorn Salt, Citrus Salt and Matcha Salt.

Steamy Kitchen is an excellent cooking blog with interesting recipes. Orange-Chili-Ricotta Frozen Yogurt was the recipe on her previous post. I like the sound of it.

Going back to the flavored salt recipes, you can use a food processor or a heavy mortar and pestle to mix together the ingredients. The Citrus salt is a must for its versatility. The fact that it turns out in a striking color adds to its appeal. Try to rub the citrus salt on fish or poultry. The taste is excellent. Season your summer salads with a hint of citrus salt and a few drizzles of olive oil.

Where to buy Matcha tea?

If you are wandering where to get Matcha tea, I suggest you visit a fine tea shop in your area. Most fine Asian / Japanese food stores carry Matcha tea. Otherwise, Jaden from Steamy Kitchen uses the brand sold via

Another option is to visit the online store of Muzi (their tea bar was formerly known as Infuze). Muzi has a distribution center in Torrance, California as well as Vancouver, BC, making shipping within the USA and Canada quick and easy. As a treat, Muzi published four recipes on their site. You can make your own matcha ice cream, matcha chocolate, matcha lattes and matcha smoothies.

People often give homemade jams as hostess gifts or party favors. But giving your own flavored salt is more original.

Container options for your party favors

Spice jars and containers for party favors

I prefer a jar with an attached lid instead of the basic Mason jars. Look at the Fido collection by Bormioli Rocco. These glass jars are affordable, reliable and widely available. That is what I use at home to store dry food. The top left photo is another great system by Bormioli Rocco. sells individually the Endurance Magnetic Stainless Steel Spice. I like the clean lines of these spice jars. They look sharp. Just add a printed custom label to personalize the look. If your budget allows it, use a commercial printer for better results.

If you do not wish a complete do-it-yourself option, browse the wedding favor stores to buy a kit. The one shown here (the food is sold separately) is from beaucoup wedding favors. They cost $12.00 for a pack of 6 spice jars. The beautiful custom labels can be ordered from beaucoup. It is $10.80 USD per sheet of 18 labels. proposes 6 designs in 10 colors. You cannot be wrong; their 6 designs are suitable for all occasions.

Recipes: Making Your Own Flavored Salts published on Steamy Kitchen blog
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