Three Cool Kitchen Gadgets by Royal VKB and at Cox & Cox

The first two items are from a creative Dutch brand called Royal VKB. I introduced several products from Royal VKB over my blogger life.

jar tops designed by Jorre van Ast for royalvkb

+ Jorre van Ast designed a set of functional screw caps that fit twist off standard jars. The set is built for most common sizes of glass jars used for food. The Jar Tops provide several serving devices. There is a better option than throwing them in the recycle bin. Simply repurpose them with the Jar tops. ? 14,95

herb garden designed by Officeoriginair for royal vkb

+ The Herb Garden comes with an integrated pocket to keep your herb scissors. I think it is just the right side. Designed by Officeoriginair. Available all white or in white and grey. ? 29,95

invaluable picnic knife at cox & cox

+ I found the invaluable picnic knife at the UK retailer Cox & Cox. This wooden handle knife features a bread knife and a corkscrew. £18

  • Nathalie Rivard
    February 24, 2009 at 12:51

    What a clever idea that Picnic knife! I want one!