Three Colorful Canister Series for Your Kitchen

For their kitchen decor, it is a wise decision to opt for safe colors on the big items. You can always add punch through accent colors or colorful kitchenware and small appliances.

circo Bright Dot canisters by typhoon

Circo Bright Dot Storage by Typhoon lets you grip it, label it, and store it. This food storage system covers 6 specific usages: tea, coffee, sugar, utensils, pasta and cookies.

pantone ceramic storage jar by typhoon

After the mugs and notepads, fans of PANTONE will be able to bring to their kitchen the iconic colors. Typhoon teamed up with Pantone to create the Pantone ceramic storage jars. These canisters look great next to the Pantone Salt and Pepper Mills that I introduced earlier.

Typhoon also makes a 1.4-liter color-coated enamelware version with interchangeable magnetic labels for tea, coffee and sugar. You can select your favorite color or mix them all for a whimsical effect.

john lewis acrylic storage can

The UK retailer John Lewis keeps with the same color palette, This is great if you wish to mix and match the models.I am a fan of the metal clip fastenings because you never search for the cover and they are airtight. John Lewis adds a twist to the classic storage cans by making them in colorful see-through acrylic.

+ Circo Bright Storage Jar – Tea – $12 USD
+ Circo Bright Storage Jar – Coffee – $12 USD
+ Circo Bright Storage Jar – Cookies – $17 USD
+ Circo Bright Storage Jar – Sugar – $12 USD
+ Pantone Ceramic Storage at Typhoon – £15
+ John Lewis Small Acrylic Storage Canister in Clear Olive Green – £8 for 1.6L
+ John Lewis Clear Acrylic Storage Canisters in Fig – £9 for 1.6L, £8 for 2.1L