Three Art Tables for Young Kids

deluxe art table for kids

art activity table for young kids

Drawing is a favorite activity amongst kids. And you can encourage even more their creativity by providing your kids with a cute and practical art table. One of the big advantages is lots of space to store their art and craft materials.

If you are looking for more features than the very affordable Ikea’s MÅLA easel, look at these options. First, the art activity desk features a front easel that folds flat to reveal more storage areas and a desktop.

art table and chair

What is great with the red Art Table and Chair set is that it can be used with or without a paper roll caddy. You could add a chair and invite a friend for a tea party.

deluxe art table for kids

With a 47″ x 30″ tabletop, the Deluxe Art Center can fit comfortably more kids. It is almost like a grown-up craft space scaled back for kids.

+ MÅLA easel $19.99 CAD / $14.99 USD
+ Art activity desk $280 USD
+ Art Table and Chair set $130 USD
+ Deluxe Art Center $430 USD

  • Emily Fitzhugh
    January 21, 2011 at 12:09

    So fun! I don’t have children and yet I think I would want something similar for myself! I colorful little craft station for when I am feeling inspired 🙂