Three Advanced Kitchen Gadgets

delica tray :: ameba collection by zoocreative :: large chop 2 pot chopping board

I was looking for unique gift ideas when I spotted three amazing kitchen tools at Generate. It is worth noting that this US retailer ships to Canada and the United States for free.

Serving ware by Zoocreative

First, Zoocreative reinvented the eating tray by converting two of its corners into armrests. Your arms rest comfortably on the grooves of the Delica Table tray to deliver a more enjoyable dining experience.

A table tray, a coffee tray and a small tray compose the line. The Delica Tray series won several awards including the prestigious Reddot design award 2007.

The Ameba Collection consists of a set of coasters, plate chargers and placemats. The plate chargers can be used as a trivet set. These would look great on a buffet table.

Both series are available in three wood finishes: oak, tiger and zebra. Spanish creativity is well represented by Zoocreative.

No-Mess Chopping Board

Antony Joseph created an efficient chopping board. You chop and dice your ingredients on the entire board surface.Then squeeze the handle of the Large Chop 2 Pot. That motion folds the board into a chute that guides the food into a pot. Pretty cool!

+ Delica Trays by Zoocreative at Generate – price: $67 small tray, $79 each for table tray and coffee tray
Ameba Collection by Zoocreative at Generate – price: $49 USD for 6 coasters, $69 for 2 trivets (plate chargers)
Buy online: Large Chop 2 Pot Chopping Board at Generate – price: $29 USD