The World Largest Pool Is A Crystal Clear Seawater Lagoon

world largest pool by crystal lagoons corp at San Alfonso del Mar resort

If you travel to Chile’s southern coast, make sure to stop by the San Alfonso del Mar resort to swim in the biggest swimming pool according to the Guinness Book of Records.

At more than 1,000 yards long, this saltwater man-made lagoon covers 20 acres of land. It goes down 115 feet deep and holds 66 million gallons of water.

Canoeing, sail boating and scuba diving are amongst the several water activities available at this amazing swimming pool.

A Manmade Lagoon

The need to build a huge swimming pool next to the ocean comes from the fact that the seashore is not always hospitable for safe swimming. The water temperature may too cold; the tides may be too strong.

This pool is the mastermind of Fernando Fischmann, a biochemist and Chilean real estate developer. He imagined this pool back in 1997 when he planned San Alfonso del Mar resort. In a Reuters’ video, I learned that seashores in Chile are notorious dangerous due to rough tides and strong rift currents.

To make his dream possible, he needed a new way to build and maintain swimming pools. With his team, he developed a technology that reduces both the building and maintenance costs of mammoth swimming pools.

Recycling Seawater

Fresh seawater goes in at one end and a computer system pumps out water at the other end. The efficient filtration system is combined with products and components to treat the water more ecologically. In fact, the Crystal Lagoons’ recipe calls for100 times less treatment products than a traditional swimming pool.

Crystal Lagoons Corporation can build you any size of saltwater lagoons as long as you have access to a fresh body of seawater.

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