The Santa Milk & Cookies Tradition at My House and Free Holiday Printables

santa milk and cookies table

Santa Claus is a holiday tradition that I cherish. It brings back sweet childhood memories that I wish to transmit to my son. My husband and I can’t wait that our son embrace Santa Claus. Like most babies, our son was scared last year when he sat on Santa’s lap. We have high hopes that our son will come to love the jolly old man in the red suit this year.

Beside reading Santa Claus stories to my son, I want to start a Santa milk and cookies tradition just for him. I can’t wait to hear him laugh as we’ll create new family memories. With all the big celebrations happening during the holiday season, it is important for me to allow some quality time with my husband and my son.

For now, I gave you a head up about the design of my Santa Milk & Cookies table on Christmas eve. The “Santa Treats” printables designed by Hostess with the Mostess were a good starting point. They inspired me to design a playful set up where lovely animals mix with old fashioned winter activities. Displaying a few toys makes that corner more inviting for Santa and for my son.

santa milk and cookies table with toys

On Christmas Eve, I will hang a small carrot bunch on one handle of his red rocking moose. Instead of reading him a book that night, we will tell him how Santa and his reindeers will enjoy our treats. He will be thrilled to help us bring the cookies, especially if he can eat one. I look forward to that night. We won’t forget to capture these precious family moments in photos.

Free Holiday Printables

The HWTM Santa Treats printable set includes party flags, party circles, 5×7″ signs, patterned papers, a “DELICIOUS” garland banner, and blank tent cards. CLICK HERE to download the entire printable set.

santa treats printables set overview

For my Santa treats table, I used one 5×7″ sign, two patterned papers, one party flag and three party circles. I printed the party circles and the party sign on cardboard and the rest is printed on a semi-glossy, high brillance 32 lbs paper. For a holiday party, I like the slight contrast in colors that you get when you mix paper types. I played the matte versus glossy angle with the baubles on the small Christmas tree.

santa milk and cookies table

Do you follow the milk and cookies for Santa tradition at your house? If yes, how do you make it special for your kids?

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