The Piramide Portable Outdoor Lighting and the Sahara Planters by Gandia Blasco

lampara piramide next to tipi by gandia blasco

If you recalled the tipi by Gandia Blasco, you know that their design is unique and trendy. This Spanish family-run company mastered the art of creating atmosphere for upscale and sensual party on a beach, by the pool or in a big backyard.

Have a look at their latest lighting addition. It is spectacular! The Lampara Piramide is a portable outdoor lamp, made of polyethylene.  It delivers a sensual glow, especially next to the tipi. Sadly, it is not sometimes that most of us can afford. At $1550 a piece, we will admire them from far.

Sahara Plant Pots

sahara planters for gandia blasco

The Sahara planters all share a beautiful organic shape. They come in five formats with inner compact florescent lamp lighting and a drainage system. To add color to the white planters, simply use a colored compact fluorescent lamp. I am not sure if the colored Sahara pots can be illuminated. I have not find a store yet with the sand, terracotta, lime and black pots.

The planter can be used as an ice bucket when you have a party. The Sahara Planters are a creation of Pablo Gironés.

+ Gandia Blasco
+ Lampara Piramide $1550 USD at YLighting
+ Sahara planters $520 USD at YLighting

  • Lucie Octeau
    April 25, 2009 at 08:20

    I LOVE these Lampara Piramides! If I buy a dozen of it, can I get the beach, the sea, the dress and the look of that girl too???