The new Moleskine Recipe and Wine Journals Won My Heart

moleskine recipe journal

My friend Harry Wakefield of MoCo Loco featured the brand new Moleskine’s wine journal and the recipe journal on his blog. Until the moment I began to examine how practical the page templates were built, I thought I could resist. But the guys at Moleskine did a too good job that I could not resist and ordered both journals on Amazon.

moleskine recipe journal page template

I watched earlier the session where Jamie Oliver announced his wish as the recipient of the 2010 TED prize. This convinced even more than I need a book to write down my recipes. I own a book right now that I rarely used because it is too basic. And although I love my computer, it remains that nothing beats the ease of use of a recipe journal when it comes to cooking. I will welcome it in my kitchen.

template recipe page for cocktails :: moleskine recipe journal

You can download and test the page layouts before you buy the journal, if you like. There is a template  for food and another one for cocktail recipe. The recipe journal is made of 6 themed sections to be filled, 6 blank sections, food calendars, food facts, measures and conversions, blank pages for additional notes and 202 adhesive labels to put your stamp on your recipes.

Wine Journal by Moleskine

I suspect the Wine journal will become a must-give hostess gift. It covers all aspects, including wine and food pairing and the best occasions to serve the wine. I bought it for my husband since he is in charge of the wine most of the time.

moleskine wine journal

You could use any of the journals as a scrapbook. Therefore, do not be afraid to draw and glue content. Besides recipes and wine, the new Moleskine collection covers books, music, films and wellness.

+ For Americans: Moleskine Passions Recipe Journal $13.57 USD at
+ For Americans: Moleskine Passions Wine Journal $13.57 USD
+ For Canadians: Moleskine Passions Recipe Journal $22.43 CAD at
+ For Canadians: Moleskine Passions Wine Journal $21.89 CAD
+ via MoCo Loco