The New Modern Danish Ceramic Collection of Kähler Design

fiducia : marmitta : cammeo :  pura : bulbo by kahler design

I want to fill my kitchen with the Kähler ceramic. Their unique shapes of their modern designs and the remarkable craftsmanship make the ceramic by Kähler second to none.

Founded by Herman Kähler, this Danish company started designing and producing handmade ceramic pieces in 1839. Today, they still pursue the same level of excellence and innovation that made their success.

Each individual ceramic piece bearing the name Kähler has been shaped in skilled hands from a technique passed down from one generation to the next.

Their current team of innovative designers is all issued from Danish design schools. These ceramic pieces are more than a pretty face, how well they function testifies of the level of thinking that goes into creating these products.

Unique modern centerpiece

Wonderful as a dinner table centerpiece, FIDUCIA is a set of candlesticks and flower vases linked by strong magnets. You can separate the pieces at will. Let you creativity flow and arrange them in a snakelike line, make small clusters or pair them.

FIDUCIA was created by the talented Louise Campbell who graduated in 1995 from Danmarks Designskole as an industrial designer. Louise Campbell was named 2005 Designer of the Year by Bo Bedre.

The new Kähler’s collection

If I got the MARMITTA at home, I would seek for time to cook more often. Søren Thygesen designed this roaster in three sizes to suit your needs. An ingenious touch is the bottom rim that provides a stronger grip when you carry the roaster.

Louise Campbell also designed CAMMEO, a collection of adorable jars. The pure and fun shapes make them ideal for open shelving displays. Each of the small, medium and large CAMMEO jar is available in four color bands.

PURA is a set of dinnerware designed by Cecilie Manz. Small and large bowls, a Café Latte cup, a mocha/green tea plus the standard coffee/tea cup, a jug and a dish / plate available in small and large sizes compose the PURA series. It is wonderful line for every day usage. The versatility of PURA means that you can use them as serving pieces as shown.

The BULBO designed by Jeanette List Amstrup is available in black, white and yellow, three hot colors this year. The fun, organic shape will look as great in a kid room than in a living room.

Americans can buy FIDUCIA at A+R Store. For the other Kähler’s products, I do not know where to buy them. So if you know stores in North America that sell these 5 products, please inform me.

Learn more: Kähler
Buy online: Kahler & Louise Campbell ‘s Ficucia Magnetic Vases + Candleholders – price: $180 USD for 5 pieces
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    June 10, 2011 at 10:33

    I love love love the centerpiece shown here – it would look great in any modern home!